Why "Algore"? Is there some joke I'm missing?

How about ‘Advanced Logic Gate Organism & Robot Entity’ from here: http://www.i-want-a-website.com/about-linux/nov00.shtml#Turing-Test

The Animaniacs spoof of 2001 did use Al Gore. It was called “Our Final Space Cartoon, We Promise.”

Steven Spielberg had minimal influence on the shows’ direction, but personally squelched a slap at Hillary in A!s “The Presidents Song” (The one in charge, it’s plain to see/Is Clinton, first name Hillary). The original version is on the “Variety Pack” album, the toned down version (The Clintons, Bill and Hillary) is in the cartoon. So, no, the Gore swipes in “Brainy the Pooh” and “Our Final Space…” were not considered nasty enough to change to make Mr. Moneybags happy.

Not that anyone asked. But I know it, and dammit, Jim, I have to tell someone.

Thats right, Brainy the Pooh. I knew it was one of em, I guessed Animaniacs but I guess I guessed wrong. That show (Pinky and the Brain) was pretty good before the whole Elmyra fiasco. Now that show is gone, and for good reason.

This is now quite a bit off topic, but I don’t think it’s enough to justify a new thread. Could anyone explain the above post? What was the Elmyra fiasco?

H’llo and welcome!

The fiasco (for me) was when they added Elmyra to the “Pinky and the Brain Show”. No idea why they did that, but the show went downhill after that. Elmyra was totally out of her element, a fairly decent second-string character in “Tiny Toons”, but not exactly a character that can go beyond the “oh-I-love-the-cutey-wooty-fuzzy-aminals-yes-I-said-aminals-I’m-going-to-say-it-once-more-just-for-a-cheap-laugh-aminals” joke. I quit watching after that.

It’s kind of like when a top hit show is starting to slip in the ratings, they will often bring in a precocious, adorable, young child to banter with and outwit the other main characters (e.g. “The Cosby Show”). That concept and having the unmarried main characters get married (e.g., “I Dream of Jeannie”) are often the death knell for a tv show.

[sub]I cannot believe I am discussing the performance merits and fallibilities of a cartoon character. Definitely time for more sleep.[/sub]

I looked up algor in the dictionary, and the definition was “chills that accompany a high fever.”

Next time I want to stop a roomful of people dead, I’m going to say “I remember the time I had algor.”

Although I personally call this the “Scrappy Doo” syndrome, it’s discussed in detail and dubbed “Jumping the shark” at the website http://www.jumptheshark.com . Other signs of impending show-death - “It’s a Baby!” “I Do!” and “Ted McGinley.”