Why "Algore"? Is there some joke I'm missing?

Why do Gore opponents call him Algore, like Al Gore mushed into one word? I feel like there’s a joke here I don’t get. Is it some Dennis-Millerian reference to a character or historical figure that I’m unfamiliar with?

From Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, found at http://www.onelook.com/

AL’GOR, n. [Lat.] Among physicians, an unusual coldness in any part of the body.

Perhaps its a reference to algorithm. While the definition isn’t that insulting (“some special process of solving a certain type of problem, particularly a method that continually repeats some basic process.”), the term is most often associated with computers and automated machines.

So basically, I think they’re calling Al a robot. Which is silly, because he’s an android. :D:D

Johnny LA, that sounds better than mine. I wouldn’t’ve replied had I seen your explanation.

And yes, Revtim, it is a rather Millerian reference. (I like that coined term. :slight_smile: ) Speaking of which, [hijack]have you seen the website that explains all of Dennis Miller’s MNF comments? It’s pretty funny. But darn it all, I can’t find the link anymore. :frowning:[/hijack]

I heard “Algore” on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program years ago. “Algore” was portrayed as a kind of mad scientist’s assistant, so “Algore” was inspired by the traditional mad scientist’s assistant’s name, “Igor”.

“Algor” as “Igor”. Makes sense coming from Bosh! Rimshaw! (S. reference. ;))

Al Gore as an automaton? Makes sense too.

Al Gore as a chilly personality? That kind of goes along with the robot theory. He seems cold as a public person, but that on-stage snogging of his wife…

It always makes me giggle because I think of the scene in “Top Secret.”

“Is this the potato farm?”

“Yes, I am Algor Potato.”

actually, I think that’s “Albert Potato” which in a cheezy French accent comes out “Al-bear”.

Try here

THat’s it. Mad-scientist Clinton and Algore.

That’s it! Thanx!

Wasn’t the Clinton character “Taxula”? Sucking the blood out of the taxpayers and all that. Algore was his trusty assistant.

Maybe Lt. Cdr. LaForge implanted a snogging chip so he could simulate emotions.

Right you are, wring–I looked it up at IMDb and indeed I had misremembered.

Maybe he could write Science Fiction under the name Algore Trout,

“Al”, when used at the beginning of a word in Arabic, means “The”.

Just thought y’all’d like to know that.

I remember seeing an episode of Animaniacs back in the day where they did a Winnie the Pooh spoof. Instead of Eeyore (sp?) they replaced it with Algore. He was a pretty boring indeed, and full of hot air to boot.

It was when “Pinky and the Brain” did the “Brainy the Pooh” episode. I couldn’t believe that a blatant political snub like that was allowed to be aired by the studio. And it was pretty funny to boot - although he kept rambling about Clinton’s “bridge” thing.

BTW, the show also featured a young, very creepy Christopher Walken as “Christopher (Robin)”

IIRC, wasn’t there an Animaniacs episode spoof of 2001: A Space Odyssey, with the monotone ‘Al’ the computer revealed to be ‘Al’ the Vice President?

I know this isn’t the answer to the OP, but there is a fairly popular piece of Finite Element Analysis software (used in engineering) called Algor. Years ago (like, before 1992), they ran advertisements in trade publications that were in a comic strip format. These comics featured the protagonist Al Gor, who had the cover identity of a mild-mannered engineer. Whenever his super-hearing detected anyone crying out for finite element analysis (or moaning about their current FEA program), he would immediately speed to the rescue, delivering copies of Algor software to the downtrodden, who thanked him profusely (of course).

Like I said, Algor abandoned that ad style circa 1992, but whenever I see the VP’s name written “Algore”, I still picture him as a software-delivering superhero. And the image still makes me laugh.