Why am I craving salt so badly?

I usually like salty treats and sweet treats equally, but lately I cannot get enough salt and I’m not interested in sweets at all. I had some chips for breakfast and now I want more chips. I’m thinking of Fritos because they’re the saltiest. Or I want a grilled cheese sandwich made with extra butter. I’m wondering if maybe it’s because it’s been so warm and I haven’t had enough water. Will mild dehydration make you crave salt? It seems like a good theory. But water sounds bland and yucky. Maybe I will have to make some broth with those little cubes and drink that.

The obvious inference is that you’re pregnant. Congratulations!

Is it getting to be that time of month? Could be cravings.

Do you exercise and sweat for long periods of time? Could be you’re using it up and sweating it all out.

Are you a sea creature? Maybe you’re homesick.

I say it’s because it’s summer. I’ve been eating ice cream a lot, and I normally won’t have but maybe a bowl every couple months. It’s summer, I say.

Yes, I suppose I should have mentioned that in my first post, I am a pregnant, hard-exercising sea creature.

I suppose I should be drinking some gatorade along with my sunflower seeds.

Anyone have any more salty snack suggestions? Or other good ideas for stopping cravings?

Heh. Before I post this this is how IMHO looks:

So IMHO agrees with Sal. [/sequential threads hijack]

Celery sticks or radishes with plenty of salt
Those little shoestring potato chips - they’re saltier, IIRC, than regular chips
A hard-boiled egg dipped liberally in salt with every bite
A cup of that instant pre-made ramen to which you just add boiling water - that stuff’s salty

I, too, crave salt. But it’s always been that way with me. I don’t like sweet foods. I’ll take chips over chocolate any day.

I probably consume enough salt to fell a horse, given all of the junk food I eat, but oddly enough, I’ve been commanded by my cardiologist to eat more salt.

Mm… I’ve also been craving salt. In fact, I salted my dinner in the kitchen tonight so my husband wouldn’t comment on it.

I’m thinking it’s PMS with me, though.

Potato chips. Want potato chips. Popcorn. Cheesies. Thick French fries with salt. Onion rings with salt. Salt…

Are you from planet M113? Do you go by the name Nancy Crater?

You know when ever my GF says she craving something salty; I always suggest she…
Oh, never mind.

Damn you, and I was all set to chime in with:

[Spock]Shoot it, Doctor, it’s killing the Captain![/Spock]


They have fat in them too, so they scratch that it.

They’re not nearly as unhealthy as some people make out, and if your snack is potato chips anyway, you’re getting a huge leg up health-wise.

I’ve found a cheaper way to eat cashews: in my supermarket they sell them raw. You can get like a pound of cashews for $4 or so. You can’t eat them like that, but cook them in a little oil, and a lot of salt on the stovetop until they get golden brown. They’re better, fresher tasting that way.

We’ve also been eating a lot of almonds lately.

Also, hard-boiled eggs are good salt delivery vehicles.

I’ve got low blood pressure, so my doctor’s orders are: “You know those things we always tell people to avoid? OK, splurge on them but skip the smoking.”

I’ve been known to ask a server for the salt shaker, get a “you know, salt’s bad for you” and explain that it’s going to be damn bad for THEM if I faint right there from low blood pressure, which I might just to spoil their fun.

Peanuts and almonds do it for me. The kind that’s pretty much encrusted in salt, a handful’s enough.

My golden rules for salt have always been:

Chinese food is a delivery medium for soy-sauce, especially La Choy, which is pretty much brown salt water…


I make a home-made version of Chex mix that’s super-duper salty…and I always use the original recipe for Chex mix, none of these bastardized modern versions that include candy and sugar-coated cereals…

Speaking of Chinese, egg drop soup is low in calories, fat, and loaded with sodium.

Addisonians crave salt. It is a relatively rare medical condition that occurs in dogs (and humans).



Beef. Freakin’. Jerky.

Specifically, McSweeny’s Original. (I am told their Steak Nuggets are good too, but I’ve been too timid to try them) If you have any desire at all for jerky, this is about the most singularly excellent salt delivery vehicle known to humankind. It has to be McSweeny’s though, or something of at least comparable quaity. Jack Links and Slim Jims are only jerky in the academic sense and are not acceptable alternatives.