Why am I so arrogent?

You wanna know huh? (I got a an e-mail today from my fanmail, somebody wanted wanted to know; why im so arrogent?) Well here it is, straight from the heart:

I’ve been modest all my life, up until being on here. You see i’ve had hundreds of people say to me; your a genius in the stock market, and they gawk at me when I play guitar (my true passion in life). But I always just shrugged it off (yep), I don’t have an ego in my day to day life. My arrogence only sufaces on here (and while im driving–road rage–yep, if you don’t know how to drive like 1/3 the drivers in the state in the state of Virginia, you piss me off!).

P.S. when I look at this board I see from time to time some really stupid shit, isn’t the purpose of this board to ask questions and give answers. Some of you guys have this silly world on here where all you do is quote people and just talk about dumb shit. This is why Cecil doesn’t come around here more often! get it!!
Ahhhhhhh… I got that outta my system, all better :slight_smile:


damn, and I thought MPSIMS meant mundane pointless stuff I must share

“People must think it must be fun to be a super genuis,
But they don’t realize how hard it is
to put up with all the idiots in the world.”
– Calvin and Hobbes

Gentle moderator, could we please move this to the BBQ pit so I can respond in an appropriate forum?

Aw, just let 'er rip Padeye. That’ll hasten it’s journey.

I’m glad to see you’re appropriately ‘modast’ about your spelling and punctuation skills.


Fiat Justitia

Not to worry UB. I took the liberty of replying to his OP in the pit at http://boards.straightdope.com/ubb/Forum5/HTML/000782.html before I found was already an interesting thread about the lad http://boards.straightdope.com/ubb/Forum5/HTML/000742.html .

MM your so cool you can do what you want. You RULE!

Michael, my son is in his second semester at Liberty University in Virginia and is having a tough time making friends. Part of his problem is that his dad had little to do with him (his dad, an intelligent man, but short on human/social skills) so DJ has been ‘mommed’ a bit too much. So he tends to go on and on about himself, and it has been a real job for me to help him to see how unattractive that trait is. Do you understand that? He desperately wants to be ‘heard’ and tries too hard, going overboard and it pushes people away rather than draws them to him as he would like, making him lonlier than ever.

You apologized a bit earlier for your hit and run posts, it doesn’t take intelligence to do that, but it does take some social skills to apologize and mean it. I took your apology seriously and bein’ a ‘boys’ mom thought you had the makings of a fine person if you’d listen, read, and think a bit more than being content with just being silly.

Can you really be so arrogant when you have to know how inexperienced you actually are, given your age and education? The neat thing about the board here is, that you can read deep ideas/facts plus get the feel for communicating in a narrow field with no face to face contact. So, no one can tell by your face how to ‘take’ you, it’s up to you to draw your own picture of yourself as completely true to life as you can. Not everyone can, or does. I think you want to, but you blow it off not realizing you’re working from a hole that you dug yourself into in the first place.

Don’t ‘sock puppet’ okay? That is so silly and pointless and obscures what others may really be able to say to you to help you grow up a bit.

I don’t think of you as a ‘troll’, I’m not sure why I don’t. You were being flamed more than most shishkabobs get, and you didn’t retaliate, and yet today, I read name calling that I would’ve thought you wouldn’t do.

Thanks for answering my question about your class, and I hope you did ace your test. Try to learn that life is more than just an intellectual exercise though, it is also about finding a place to help your SELF (emotional/social)self to relate to others. The people here could help you to do that, if you’d just try, calm down and know you don’t have to be center stage all the time to be noticed. okay??

“Subconsciously there are many people you hate.” “Consciously,sir, consciously.” Yossarian corrected in an effort to help. “I hate them consciously.”

“Winners never quit and quitters never win, but those who never win and never quit are idiots.”

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