Why am I stroking my nipple?

I’m reading some martial arts stuff, watching Kids in the Hall, and planning what to do the next time I see a certain girl because I did something really oblivious tonight. Anyways, I suddenly noticed that I was stroking my nipple. This realization came as a weird sensation from my shirt (being manipulated via the fabric around my nipple) suddenly cascaded over my chest hair. All at once I had this weird feeling like my chest had an orgasm and I kind of pulled into a little ball for a few seconds.

What just happened?

It would be wrong not to post a link to this column.

Carry on.

besides scaring the hell out of me, i don’t know.

Congratulations! You have discovered tit play. Tits are the only part of a male body that are good for sexual pleasure and nothing else. Enjoy them. Explore them. You’ll be glad you did.

A friend of mine does this without noticing, especially when he wears a certain sweater. I’ve asked him about it and he adamantly denies it. Then he always grabs his “boobs” (he has none to speak of) to mock my question.

I don’t know, the mood is kind of gone. Now I’m just sitting around in confusion. I didn’t know what was going on, it just sort of… happened. I kind of feel taken advantage of.

Im sorry but this is so funny.

because it feels good?

Well, try doing it again the next time you masturbate. Or ask your partner to lick them for you. Both are gentle sensations that can feel really amazing - take it from me.