Why? And the long term solution.

Why are we hated so? What horrors, real or imagined, have we inflicted upon other countries that merit such a horrible response? What have we done on foreign shores that would make people believe such actions are logical? We backed the Shah of Iran, who was a sick bastard. Big mistake there. We support Israel and their claim to the Holy Land. Not a big mistake, but have we been over-zealous in that support? What have we done, and what can we do to decrease the “great satan” image that we have?

Short term solutions like hunting down people and punishing them is all fine and should be pursued. Long term, however, we’re going to have to find ways to make friends with those that might hate us, or spend a lot of money on security.


Another solution: Dump cash into feul cell research, grant monies to gas stations that provide hydrogen and other services to maintain them. Aggressively reduce the number of gas powered cars in not only our country, but the world. Drastically reduce any and all dependence on oil from the middle east. Pull completely out of the region and let them rot in their own impoverished stink.
Since oil is far and away the primary export of all Mideast countries, then let’s cut off their money supply. What are they going to do then? Grow crops in the desert? Why not stick to what we do best? We’re a nation of capitolists, tuned to the ups and downs of the almighty dollar. And despite the holier-than-thou rhetoric of their extremist leaders, THEY ARE TOO.
Wage war on their purses. Hungry citizens will not follow their leaders. They’ll follow the food.


(a) Stop supporting Israel and let them tend to their own business. Easy to do, but suicidal politically and diplomatically.


(b) Work hard for peace in the Middle East. Not just by “cracking down” on Muslems or whoever, but by forcing everyone in the region to come to the table and negotiate something they can work with. Bring in UN peacekeepers if necessary, and definitely wave a big stick at Israel so we aren’t seen as playing favorites. Very hard to do, but it’d pay off in the long term.

Unfortunately, I don’t see either one happening.