Why are MEN only seen as the jerks???

Why is there a stereotype that men are the jerks concerning relationships? You see it all around you, and Hollywood simply propogates this myth. You rarely see/hear life from the other point of view!

Extra Credit: What about in homosexual relationships? Do they have anyone to blame when the head games begin?

Inquiring minds seriously want to know what’s the deal here!

  • Jinx :mad:

Sorry your relationship ended badly, dude. There are plenty of nice girls out there, though.

Men are not the only jerks. Men, from my experience, tend to be jerks in an epic and showy way, while women will be jerks in a more passive-aggressive fashion.

Now… these ARE generalizations.

Dude, turn off the TV. Jerks abound, in every stripe, without the help of that type advertising. I’m going to patent a new spray: Jerk-be-Gone !

LoL@:mad:! That emoticon always makes me laugh. In answer to your question, men are portrayed as jerks primarily because they are.
…What? Me? Bitter? Please. :wink:

Meanie, come on over to our party. You’ll be glad you did !!! (((meanoldlady)))

I agree. We are jerks for the most part. Even most of the “Nice” guys I know spend a ton too much time wondering why they always finish last.
As for me, am I a jerk? Hehehe, and thensome!
But I understand that woman being jerks too or being passive aggresive just comes with the territory, & I am happy if I know that I have treated the lady as fairly as possible. Generally speaking, that way I get what I want & she gets what she wants & jerk or otherwise, everyone is happy.

As for hollywood propogating that, they do. But it’s not a myth, lol. Besides, they also their share of woman to be liars, cheaters, sluts, etc… so it is a fair trade, I think.

Are are WOMEN only seen as the bitches?

All generalizations are wrong (heehee).

Some of my female friends have a large capacity for jerkiness.

Is she the one saying you are a jerk?- that would be normal. If all you friends are saying you are a jerk, well… You may want to do a little self assessment.

My theory, a completely biased one, is that the “y” chromosome is simply a defective “x” which explains all my man troubles quite nicely.

Hoping tomorrow is a better day for you.

Example: A couple have gone out on a few dates. One partner decides to break it off. Here is how it often happens (with people who aren’t very nice/concerned about their partner’s happiness):

Man: stops calling. If confronted, lies (‘I was going to call you tomorrow’) and gets defensive (‘it’s not like we’re married or something’).

Woman: wants to talk to the guy about how it isn’t working. Seeks advice from girlfriends - ‘What should I do? Does he really like me? Do I really like him? It’s nice to have a man around. I don’t want to commit to anyone.’ Etc etc. Starts acting weird around him - ‘If you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you.’ Behaves unpredictably and inconsistently. Employs head games, etc.

Now, these are both huuuuge generalizations, it’s true, but reasonably common from what I’ve seen and experienced. And while we have a word for the man’s behaviour (ie Jerk), we do not so much have one for the woman’s (Bitch? Adequate, only). I don’t think that calling men jerks absolves women, at all - we just have different words for the kinds of things they do.

When emotional competence gets in the way of false pretences, a lot of really smoky stuff can happen. The world is full of smoky stuff… and you are right in pointing out that there is a fog of misunderstanding surrounding the stereo-typing that is prevelant in the Western media. Overall, it seems this folly can be attributed to several sources. The first is a rather lupine explanation of just how over-vacuation leads to a rather dull response. This is both true and obligatory in the female essence of spirit, as with the male provisions of jibing and so forth. You are both wrong and false to suggest women are all the ones creating the smoke though. Many detailed articles seemed to shed light on the fact that if a less clear speech were impersonated upon the person of a man, its contents would become foggier in time - so much so that at some point its details would be lost in a misty vibe. But this would take time. Up until that point, its really hard to say.

Get thee behind me, Justhink!

Why do women TALK so much? The chatter on and on and on about some inane jibberish like a hummingbird on crack and somewhere in that white noise we men are supposed to decipher instructions on taking out the garbage and making dinner reservations?

And have you ever noticed that all chick flicks involve some psycho bizatch using some stupid scheme to manipulate or usurp her way into her “dream mans” life while guys films are basically about guys running around having fun. If I created a movie “How to Loose a Chick in 10 Days” womens groups would be all over my ass…and not in the good way.

You aren’t related to Justhink are you?

I think that’s the crux of it right there. Jerk is a word with masculine association, much like asshole or bastard. On the other hand women who behave the same way are bitches, wenches or even a [sub]cunt[/sub]. You occasionally hear of a woman being called an asshole, or a man a bitch, but they don’t sound quite right, IMO.

I’m sure if Jinx thinks about it he’ll think of a lot of relationships, tv or otherwise, in which the woman is supposed to be behaving bitchily, so even though she’s not being labeled a jerk people think the behavior is as unpleasant. If not, he should catch Melrose Place in reruns :smiley:

Yep. He’s my asshole.

As noted, you do hear men called bitches, but that’s different…It seems to be a way saying the person is less than manly.

Because Hollywood movies that portray men as jerks are marketed to women.

Women can be just as jerky as men.

elfkinn477, i wasn’t seriously asking. i don’t really care.

i just thought i would ask a silly question in response to sillier question.

Amen! I totally blame Hollywood (movies, soaps, etc.) for coming along only to reap financial reward while complicating the whole @^%$#& relationship thing! Some SDPosters say Hollywood shows things evenly. Maybe I’ve missed the ones that show the women acting as a total jerk towards the man who loves them.

I’m not a big movie-goer, so I can only think of “Jenny” from Forrest Gump as a good example…someone not totally sure who she is, so how can be ready for a serious relationship with the one who cares the most for her? “Thelma and Louise” comes to mind, but I never saw the flick. I assume it’s just about two rebellious women without much said about any relationship.

I think music captures the ins and outs of relationships much better than Hollywood can ever portray on the silver screen. I think “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaacs would be at the top of my list. And, although the song was used in a (weird) movie, the song - standing on its own merits - says it all for me, IMHO.

Still :mad: about the whole @$%^*& situation for which there REALLY is no need for such foppishness! - Jinx

I hope you’re kidding. If you’re not, seek help. Seek lots of help.