Why are my eyelids yellow?

The upper part of my eyelids have a pale yellow tint, kind of like the last stage of a bruise, only more towards the canary end of yellow. They’ve been this way as long as I can remember, so it doesn’t signal the onset of some disease or change of diet. It doesn’t seem like something you’d ask your doctor about, but I’ve always been curious.

Anybody know?

Oh, I suppose I should have said–I’m white.

But…you said you were yellow?!

I think you stumped the panel, Alto.

Jaundice causes yellowish skin. This sounds like something I wouldn’t dawdle about taking to a doctor.

Having just seen someone who had that as a symptom of jaundice, I would say see a doctor. Soon.

Yeah, but he says it’s been this way “as long as he can remember”.

You could have chronic idiopathic jaundice, which is a low-level jaundice caused by a couple of rare syndromes. If it really is something you’ve been living with all your life, and you’ve never noticed any other symptoms other than slightly yellow eyelids, it’s apparently not life-threatening. Next time you’re at the doctor, ask him.



The syndromes are:

Dubin Johnson.

Rotor’s Syndrome.

So, there ya go.

Thank you. I was sure someone here would know. Chronic idiopathic jaundice sounds plausible. I guess I will just casually mention it to my doctor and find out.

(By the way, I’m a she.)

Just wondering, are you a man or a woman?
In 10th grade our biology teacher told us something like this: women usually have a naturaly darker tinge to their eyelids,lips and cheeks. Apparently it was supposed to attract men and make-up came about by artificially enhancing these to make them stand out more. I dont know ifs true or not, but Im a female and my eyelids(from lashes to eyebrow) have a yellowy-brown-red tinge…its very slight,noticable if your looking for it but not noticable if you arent.

Jaundice causes eye balls and skin to turn dark yellow, not like the yellowish old bruise type of thing this original message is about- I also have them, not sure what has caused it. If you have seen someone who is jaundiced you would know it. I took a medical office course in college and we studied every body system. This is not typically what jaundice looks like, rather i think for me personally its from lack of sleep and stress. Anyone else have a more definitive answer?