Why are Pat Benatar's hands green?

I hadn’t seen it before either, but I agree, it’s a great song, and one of my faves to sing on karaoke night.

As for the gloves–that looked really strange, didn’t it? The shots of her hands were so brief that it’s hard to see at first that she actually WAS wearing gloves–just looks like she had her hands painted!

Hee hee. Pat was so hot then, and she still is. I saw her and her cute guitarist hubby on the Today Show a few years back, and that gal can still rock, hard.

You must mean Neil Geraldo, AKA My Rival. My mid-pubescent judgement was that two people were never less made for each other than those two, and that the best thing for *everyone *involved would be for her to leave him for me. Then he would be free to find a nice girl who really got him, you know? Perhaps the 25 subsequent years of marriage would indicate that I was wrong. I really haven’t put much thought into it since Exene Cervenka came to my attention.

Pat and Neil played a big outdoor festival here 3-4 years ago. They sounded great, really rockin’.
Then they brought out thier daughter and some dancers that did a Britney Spears style dance number to a backing track. It brought things to a screeching halt. The audience was like, WTF?
Then Pat and Niel came back and rocked some more.
Overall it was a great show. Neil’s a very good guitarist.

So, you were going to kick Viggo Mortensen’s ass instead? :wink:

I feel the same way. I loved both video’s too.