Why are Pat Benatar's hands green?

I like the song, but this is one horribly dated video:


Could the kids in the choir look any more bored?

She’s starting to Hulk out! RUN!

That’s one of my favorite Pat Benatar songs. Never saw the video before, that is kinda odd with the green hands.

It was the 80’s. Need I go on?

Oh, all right. She is wearing green sparkly gloves because Michael Jackson was cool when he wore gloves. Also, it’s the “Dynasty” era and no outfit was complete without huge shoulder pads and a garish jewel color. I’m sure the stylist was wresting between emerald green and sapphire blue.

BTW, The Controvert has pretty much confessed to watching Pat Benatar videos. Snerk.

Yes, she’s wearing green gloves.

That was the style of the time.

<River Tam>Thirteen by thirteen, hands of green</RT>

Only if you didn’t have an onion to tie to your belt.

Yeah, What she said. We were all quite mad.

Yup, I distinctly remember the gloves from way back when the video was on the air. Strangely, I distinctly remember them as being pink gloves.

Wow, there was just an article yesterday or Thursday in the Minneapolis paper about kids these days watching Pat Benetar videos on YouTube. Huh.

Keep in mind, that even Pat in at her peak had no control over her videos. She especially despises the “Love is a Battlefield” video.

The music company hires a director, the director creates the “story” idea of the video, a bunch of flaks decide on sets and costumes, etc. The actual meaning of the song, the performer and such don’t matter.

So in “The Ooh Ooh Song”, when Pat starts her a capella bit, guess who the camera doesn’t show? C’mon, guess.

And you’re wondering about green gloves?

We belong we belong together Ryan.

She looks like a soccer mom who just discovered that all 25 of her kids built bedsheet ladders and snuck out to go to a kegger.

I guess that would explain the video for “Shadows of the Night,” in which Pat Benatar, Judge Reinhold, and two other guys take out an entire Nazi army base.

God, I had such a crush on her when I was young.
I never realized her teeth were that big.

Heh heh, that was why I was watching the video, too. Those are some weird gloves… to me they honestly look like Pat’s mutant hands, possibly tinted green by overzealous music video producers.

I expect they’ve been hanging around for six hours while they tried to make the waterfall look somewhat less like a leaky pipe, when they eventually got around to shooting them, which added up to four shots in the final cut. Plus, they’re probably not the actual choral singers, they’re likely the video director’s family and friends’ kids.

I had a friend who had his upper front teeth capped back then. The dentist filed down the bottom edges of his teeth, then held him down with one hand while, as swiftly as possible, clamped a curved cup of emulsion over the teeth. The moments while the filed ends were exposed to air were, he said, the most excrutiatingly painful of his life. Whenever I see entertainers of this era such as Donnie & Marie with noticably long teeth, I assume they chose to forgo the filing procedure.

It makes me sad to think that Pat doesn’t like the video for “Love is a Battlefield.” I love that video. And I like “Shadows of the Night” too. I like videos that tell a story.

Freeze at 2:09 on the video and you’ll see the texture of the gloves. Notice how they match her green earrings. She undoubtedly has emerald green heels on, too.

Oh, and I think a good orthodontist could have really helped her out. She has big teeth, yes, but the real problem is a narrow, pointed jaw. My daughter has the same problem, but she’s on her 2nd years of braces to correct it. [Grandpa voice]Back then braces weren’t as common as they are now. We simply couldn’t afford it. To put it into perspective, my first year of college was as expensive as my brother’s braces.[/Grandpa voice]