Why are so many movies/TV shows filmed at this spot?

There’s what looks like a 1920s/1930s era bridge just south (maybe a couple of miles or so) of downtown Los Angeles. I believe it spans a flood control channel. I’m sure everyone has seen it hundreds of films/shows. Does anyone know why it’s so often used?

Convenient and bridge-y enough for anyone’s budget?

Vasquez Rocks was booked that day?

Got a picture? There are lots of bridges over lots of flood control channels in the L.A. area.

Los Angeles River?

Is this what you’re asking about?


'Cuz it’s cool, and you don’t have any real rivers in L.A.

My favorite spot is a road going up into the Hollywood Hills (I think it’s on Mullholland) there’s this almost blind curve that shows up in all sorts of movies.


My brother was out there the other day. There were a bunch of guys in Star Wars Storm Trooper costumes running around for some kind of film project.

Is it the Sixth Street Viaduct? It has been used in lots of movies and TV shows. It just looks cool.

It looks cool, that’s what the bridges look like in L.A., and it’s local so the crews don’t have to travel.

Could it be the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena? Google it for more images.

Great historic bridge.

I don’t know about the bridges over the LA river, but there used to be an overpass out on the 118 Freeway going between the San Fernando Valley and Simi Valley called something like “Movie Overpass”. It was a road/bridge to nowhere, and I believe it was specifically set up for filming. I tried Google Maps, but couldn’t find it, so it may have actually been turned into a real road now.

I would imagine there are many such places around LA.