Why are there so many Damm shootings

Why are there so many dam shootings recently, tonight I turn on the T.V. and there is another shooting, this time at a church. God-dam! I hate it when someone thinks the only way to get his point made, is to shoot people at a school, where they work or where people worship.

Is society really that cracked within? Do we glorify violence too much? Or does society put too much pressure on the individual?

Get a fucking hobby.

First shootings started at postal offices, then at schools, and now at synagogues and churches? (Not to exclude other shootings)

But why all of these dam shootings? They happen more often now.

What the fuck is up with black trench coats?
(he was wearing a trenchcoat)

I just think the media gives bad ideas to the fucked-up-beyond-psychological-help. These guys are already lost their “reality switch,”

We don’t need the media giving in-depth coverage in all we see is a helicopter view of a building, going on and on about it. I don’t know what makes me sick, the media or the shooting.
(I’m not trying to diminish the shooting’s tragity, but think of how the media jumps on shootings and doesn’t want to let go)

What do you think?

Too many fucking guns…too fucking easy to get…

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C#3: You sound dangerously like a liberal there, or am I failing to detect some sarcasm?

Yer pal,

I’m not easily defined as either liberal or conservative overall, but rather I take each topic individually. On the topic of guns, my stance aligns somewhat with the liberal position.

The OP asked “Why are there so many dammed shootings?”

It’s easy for me to see that with the amount of guns in the US today, and the continued proliferation of their numbers added to the ease at which one can obtain one (either legally or illegally), we can be sure to expect a regular diet of shooting catastophies.

I don’t know what the ultimate answer is to stopping the shootings, but I know that both guns laws and NRA memberships don’t solve the problem.

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posted 09-02-1999 01:26 PM (To MPSIMS-Put away your modesty and share)

    I'm not popmpus &
    I don't have my head up my ass

As I responded in that thread: It’s pompous and you are.

Why am I repeating that? Well, let’s start off with this is just IMHO. Now that that’s out of the way…

If more people took the time to know or maybe to share with other people what was GOOD about themselves instead of focusing on what’s wrong with themselves or others, we wouldn’t have people acting out with guns. Simplistic? Sure. But no well adjusted, self-accepting person, goes around blowing the hearts out of other human beings.

You really made me angry with your post to that thread. A lot of posters (myself included) shared the very best of themselves and you come out there like a complete troll and say, “Hey, anyone who thinks anything good about themselves is pompous and if they share it then they must have their head up their ass.”

If you meant it as a joke I sure as hell didn’t see it that way. I wish MORE people would have posted out there and really thought about what makes them special, unique, or just a good person. I think it makes a major difference in how you see the world as to how you see yourself.

If you think you are shit then believe me, the universe will echo that right back at you and make it far easier for you to see the rest of humanity as nothing but shit. But if you know, if you like yourself, love yourself, know that you are a good person, then the universe will echo that back to you and you will see others for their beauty and worth as well.

These “fucked-up-beyond-psychological-help” people are the way they are because they don’t have any clue as to what makes them interesting or unique so they sure as hell can’t see it in anyone else. They hate themselves so deeply that they project their anger onto other human beings. When they kill others they are really, symbolically, killing themselves.

I’m sure there is something good within you, realm505, something that you know you can do better than 90% of those around you. Why don’t you go back to that thread, share it, and make me feel a lot better about this and about you as another human? I don’t like carrying around this anger at you and I thank you for letting me post it and get it out of my heart. I hope you won’t just flame back at me but seriously consider what I’ve written.

In case my point has slipped up with my anger: EVERYONE out here has wonderful, unique, amazing, silly, funny and just plain great aspects to their personalities. I invite, nay, beg you, to really think about it, go to that thread, and share. I’d love to read it. The more we accept ourselves, the more we can accept others. That includes my accepting you, realm505. I’ve let go of my hate with this and plan to move on. I hope you will too.

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

Oh boy, how do I respond to that?
(foot entering mouth)

here comes the apologies

first off byz, I’m sorry for trolling that discussion.
I was not making fun of everyone in that thread, it is good to see people with original talents and such. I just went off on the ones who were bragging way beyond decency, sorry about that one. I was just feeling a bit pissed off that day. I can be a bit spiteful sometimes, I just want to make myself clear that I didn’t mean any harm by that remark. I wish I tell everyone I’m sorry, but somehow I can’t find that thread in the MPSIMS

Now about this thread,
I felt frustration in what happened last night. I always try to point out the good in others, but when that shooting happened only a few blocks away from where I live (ie I live in Ft. Worth, just four streets down from that shooting). I was hacked off, I feel so violated. So full of anger. You try to help others, and yet you can’t help them all.
Why did he do that? What made him mad at Baptists. He was cursing at the kids and telling them stuff like “Baptists are evil, and mean”—according to the kids on TV. how can you respond to a remark like that?
I also wrote in a fit. I should have cooled off before I posted it. Oh well, nothing like “racken’ the muck” to get a thread going, but this is in the pit.

I hope y’all under stand.

Hey there…

Ya know, when I was growing up there was always at least one gun available in my house, be it a rifle, a 357., or a shotgun.

I was a loner growing up, with no social skills and deadly shyness.

I was messed with a lot, and held in my rage year after year all through middle and high school.
But it never occured to me to actually go to school or church or some random building and start shooting people.

I don’t understand it, and I don’t really know why it’s coming in waves. Millinium fever? Copy cat Columbiners? Ignorant racists?

Honestly, this is one thing I don’t understand. All I can do is grieve for the lost, and hope my family, friends or I don’t become the next statistic.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Because he’s in a lot of action movies, and action movies usually involve guns.

What…? Oh, sorry. I though this thread was asking about Van Damme shootings.

This may sound callous, but when you have 300 million people, if there’s even the tiniest probability of something happening, it will. If one guy in a million is a psychopathic killer, then you have 300 of them running around.

The notion that you can somehow ‘fix’ this problem is probably wrong. With numbers this large, stuff happens. People get hit by lightning, freak accidents take place, and crazies shoot up things.

Then add in the ‘copycat’ factor. If the last shooting causes one person in 100 million to decide to do it too, you’re going to have three more. Some things are just inevitable.

BTW, gun control isn’t the answer. Even if you could ban them all, it would just change the mode of attack of the lunatic. Perhaps to something even more deadly. In Japan guns are next to impossible to get, so Sarin gas was introduced into the subway by some lunatics, killing a lot of people. A crazy woman drove her car at high speed through an outdoor mall a few years ago in the U.S., killing a bunch. Guys that can’t get handguns might start using shotguns, and believe me that will kill a LOT more people. Or fertilizer bombs, or pipe bombs, or a chlorine gas bomb, or…

Hey, I know how that goes too. Some days I just come out here and sorta spew all over the place. I’m glad I got that anger out and I’m glad you read my post. Thanks! Maybe now we can be friends? I like that so much more than being pissy!

As for this topic… I agree that gun control probably wouldn’t accomplish a whole lot but I don’t think a few restrictions would hurt either. I remember all the hassle and time it took to get my drivers licence; I think you should have to do the same for a gun (or to have children or a dog, but that’s another topic!).

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

I don’t like guns. I don’t keep them in my house. But that is just my personal thing. I will not infringe on anyone’s right to legally purchase or carry one. I believe some stronger gun control laws are probably in order.

But I do not think that this shooting had anything to do with the availability of guns. I think the guy was just nuts, decided Baptists were the cause of his problem, and started shooting.

That’s just my opinion.

AuraSeer wrote:

No, it’s about D.A.M.M. shootings – which are tragedies that happen when irate, disgruntled members of Drinkers Against Madd Mothers finally snap.

I’m not flying fast, just orbiting low.

Well, the way I see it, things of this nature have been going on for eons. Only recently have we had such a proliferation of media, all of whom wants to put their own spin on events, none of whom are happy to let the story go away very quickly.

Anyone old enough to remember whatever media coverage happened when that dude went up into that tower in Texas in the '60s?

Things like that go past even that, but it’s not old enough where someone here won’t recall coverage, yet far enough back where the media was not quite as intensive and saturating as it is now.

I am not mentioning this to bring up the “copycat” syndrome that many blame the media on, BTW. Though that undoubtedly happens sometimes, I’m of the belief that crazies will do eventually no matter what, and that the media is that much more intent on keeping us all inindated with details of these matters for far longer than ever before.

Yer pal,


I agree with you for one thing.
No amount of gun control will ever stop these things. hell, no legislation that the goverment proposes will stop these things. people will always kill. but what can people do?

But why place the blame on “decided Baptists?” how does someon’s faith decide what another person does in anger?

sure, he was anti-baptist; but just because someone doesn’t agree with someon else’s faith. That dosen’t give someone a good reason to shoot up someone else. I believe that everyone is responsible for their own actions.

When freak events like this happen (and the miracle is that there are so FEW of them, given the societal tension in the U.S. and the number of people there), it’s essentially randomness. Noise. It has no cause and effect. If you limit guns, maybe some nutbar will go off his gourd because he’s mad about not being able to buy one. If you make them all available, maybe some nutbar will grab one on a whim and shoot up the joint. There are always going to be random events, live with it. And whatever you do, don’t pass laws to stop it. There is an old saying that exceptional cases make for bad laws. This is an extreme example of that.


Please forgive the bad grammar in my post–I did not intend for it to come off sounding the way you took it.

What I meant was this: he was nuts, and he decided that Baptists were the cause of his problems, and started shooting them.

I have no clue as to why he chose Baptists. I have no idea why anyone, anywhere, anytime, does things like this man did. It was a nasty, horrible thing to do.

Also heard this evening that he purchased his gun quite legally, at a trade show, in 1992.

Wow. I get to be the first to correct the misspelling of the word “damn.”

I’m a spelling nut. So shoot me.

Wait… I didn’t mean that … the way it sounded…

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Even more chilling was (as I heard on the news)that he had three more magazines for the gun he used. Also, from what was said about his relationship with his father (deceased a couple of months ago, and the shooter’s sole means of support), I have an idea that the father probably ‘hit him over the head’ constantly with religious diatribes and this was the guy’s way of exacting final retribution.

I read in the paper this am that the shooter had written a letter to the paper saying he was being persecuted by the FBI because they believed he was a serial killer. Sounds like a clear case of severe mental illness to me. I wonder if the newpaper reported it to the FBI. I am totally convinced that some (some not all) of these killings would not happen if people would take action to get mentally ill people help, if treatment for mental illness was a priority in this country instead of being ignored and underfunded and if we could develop some humane committment laws to get dangerous people out of society. I think it would help, too, if some of the effective drugs were administerd via implants so that if ill people were released, there would be some assurance that they would take their medication and thus stay reasonably sane. I also think we need to fund research into mental illness–especially the very serious mental illnesses like schitzophrenia–so that the underlying causes of the disease can be understood and so that effective treatment methods are developed.
I appreciate the chance to vent. Everyone of these shootings scares the hell out of me. Ever since San Ysidro(sp?) when the guy shot up the McDonalds I worry about this kind of thing happening. Sometimes I think it would be advisable for me to buy a small pistol and learn how to shoot just because I think there are so many angry, ill, sick people out there plus all the criminals.