Why are these chips "chocolaty"?

I bought some Edy’s Swiss Orange sherbert, which is orange sherbert with chocolate chips. Pretty pricey stuff, so I was surprised that they were actually “chocolaty chips” according to the label. Normally I would think they were covering for “fake” chocolate of some sort, but the ingredients seem pretty legit:

Anybody know why these are “chocolaty”, rather than just “chocolate”?

Pretentious adspeak? I suspect it’s just an attempt by the producer to “stand out” as it were.

No, it’s an attempt by the producer to comply with the law.

The standards for what can be legally labeled “chocolate” are pretty rigidly defined in 21 CFR PART 163–CACAO PRODUCTS. It may have some of the ingredients, but it doesn’t meet the requirements to be called “chocolate”. Calling something “chocolate” that really isn’t will result in a nasty letter, or worse.

-Berkut, ex-boyfriend to a chef.

Exactly. Just because it doesn’t conform to the legal standards to be called chocolate, doesn’t mean it isn’t yummy. :slight_smile: