Why Are Various Sex Acts Referred To As 'Jobs'?

Why is it that numerous sex acts- such as blow jobs, hand jobs, rim jobs…I’m sure there are probably others as well- are referred to as ‘jobs’, even when no money changes hands?


WAG here…

Maybe because these acts were probably illegal in various localities. So there’s a connection with the term “bank job” to refer to a bank robbery, or a “second story job” to refer to a burglary, or a “scrub job” to refer to destroying evidence (or does that one mean a gangland execution?)

Another WAG…

Maybe because they’re only pleasurable for the recipient?

Maybe because some people get paid to perform the “service”?

I may as well be the first to point out that George Carlin thinks it’s because it makes people feel productive, like they’re contributing something to the economy.

This reminds me of the National Lampoon’s 1974 “The Job of Sex,” a parody of “The Joy of Sex.” As I recall, one of the illustrations had a naked guy wearing a hard hat and carrying a lunch box entering a bed room.

It’s a job. Someone’s gotta do it.

Phase42 probably is on the right track. The :“job” part comes from earlier phrases which were criminal in origin. So to use the “job” to describe illicit things in the 1940’s-70’s wasn’t much of a stretch.

It may be that these terms go back to the day when “job” mainly meant “a task” rather than “employment or occupation.” As in the phrase, “that’s a big job.”

It is because “NICE” people only “DO SEX” in the missionary position. What to do if you enjoy felitio(sp?)? Hire someone one. Hense a job…

Wumpus: “that’s a big job.”

Gawd…I just LOVE getting a Big Job! When it’s over I feel kinda sad, but I still run over to my boss to tell him all about finishing up my Big Job. Sometimes he gets all proud of me and gives me another Big Job right then and there! Sometimes he even pays me EXTRA!

Sometimes you just can’t beat a Big Job.