We need to have the courage to have sex and take the consequences.

So says Johannes Singhammer, a member of parliament in this article.

I’m not quite sure what I have to say on the matter other than :smiley: .

I’d swear it was a joke (and it very well may be) if I hadn’t found it linked from http://dellnet.msn.com/.

Their bankers are putting out a similar line.

I’m starting to think – ROAD TRIP!

Not surprising, really. Having lots of sex is cheap and time-consuming entertainment. If a significant number of people start having sex just three or four more times a week than before on their bankers’ advice, that means a good deal more capital is sitting in the banks instead of buying up frivolous things. It’s an easy pitch, too.


Well, that certainly would make Chartered Accountancy a much more interesting job.