Why aren't condoms advertised on TV?

I’m gonna have to call “cite?!” on that one.

Not because I don’t believe you, but because I’ve got to see that, and google is failing me! :smiley:

??? I’ve seen a PSA for the STI conversation featuring the cast of Avenue Q, is there another one with puppets?

Condom ads are not unlike ads for hard liquor:

  • The broadcast TV networks are unlikely to accept them at all (and certainly not during prime time)
  • Some cable networks will be happy to take them, particularly on later-evening programming.

As has been noted above, Trojan tends to advertise on networks / programs that skew towards young men, as well as on Logo.

The best promotional video I’ve ever seen for condoms was in a scene from Lethal Weapon 2

…In one ear and out the rubber!