Why aren't condoms advertised on TV?

Every other kind of intimate product is, including birth control for women, erectile dysfunction drugs, adult diapers, sexual lubricants, and probably some I haven’t thought of.

You’ve never seen trojan commercials on TV or heard them on radio?

You’re just not watching the correct programs that they choose for advertising time. I remember one from about 10 or more years ago where the tag line (spoken by a girl/young woman) was “Use one or get none!”

They are advertised on TV, sometimes heavily. Try watching something on Comedy Central or Spike TV past 10 or 11 pm, or something else geared towards young men. I haven’t watched TV in a while, but last I saw there were incessant "for her pleasure " type condom ads.
It actually kind of sucked if I happened to be watching something with my sister. Awkward.

“Trojan MAN!” ♪♫

I think Trojans are the only ones I see or hear ads for, though.

I haven’t noticed condom ads for that, but KY (His and Hers lube that tingles when it, uh, merges) needs to back the eff off when I’m having dinner with Mom. Awwwwwkward! :smiley:

I saw two commercials for Trojans while I was watching late afternoon TV today. I’ve seen other ads for Trojans in the past, no other brands.

I don’t even have a TV and even I’ve seen them advertized from periodically going to friends’ houses and whatnot.

Durex, Trojan, etc.

They might not say “condoms” from what I remember. They just make vague references to protection, ‘ribbed for her pleasure’, etc.

I agree that Trojans are the only ones I ever seem to hear radio or television ads for. But yeah they definitely exist. And they are all awkward and terrible and certainly do not make me want to buy Trojan brand condoms. But I am also gay so, that probably has something to do with it.

ETA: Though I am probably guessing that the vast majority of you all are quite happy with the heterosexual nature of the ads and probably wouldn’t want to have to watch a gay Trojan ad, haha, so I don’t hope to inflict that on you all.

Gee…I watch rather a lot of TV and have never seen one that I remember. I’ve seen plenty of Yaz, KY, Cialis, and Depends commercials. There certainly aren’t as MANY condom commercials as there are for these other products.

Don’t you remember the “Trojan. Get Some.” ads, hysterical

I think you are just telling us a lot more about your viewing habits.

Though I do wonder why only Trojan seems to advertize. I don’t even know another condom producer, even though I’m pretty sure that I’ve never even seen a Trojan dispenser or box.

I’ve seen ads for Durex and Lifestyles as well (example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2cRN3wQ55Q), but rarely, definitely not like Trojan.

They seem to be a lot more common on cable channels than on broadcast TV, but I’ve seen them on both. I don’t have cable and I’m always surprised by the number of condom ads when visiting people who do.

I must be watching the wrong channels, too. I’ve never seen a condom commercial in the US.

I remember a series of Italian ones that won awards. One had lots of clips of stuffy-looking old people–priests, nuns, grandmothers–saying “no!” and giving disapproving looks.

The one I’ve seen lately is for a new line from Trojan; I guess they’re supposed to be super ultra thin so “you can’t even feel it”. Problem is the name: Bare Skin. Written, no problem! But when you’re only half listening to a commercial while looking at something else, you may hear it as Bear Skin and think WTF? BEAR SKIN condoms??


Trojan might be the only company big enough to advertise on TV. I don’t watch late enough to see many, but I’ve seen some, and you might remember the big campaign about their little vibrator a while back.

Being the contrarian that I am, if I saw an ad for Trojans featuring an obviously gay couple (or even better, triad!), I’d go buy some Trojans. And I haven’t bought a condom in 15 years because I get them for free. :smiley:

“Trojan MEN!” ♪♫

Mentor brand condoms were advertised on TV in the US in the mid-1980’s. The ads targeted women with the message that sex is fun but you don’t want to die from it (this was around the time that people realized that heterosexuals get AIDS too). Mentor condoms featured adhesive around the base of the condom to help keep it from slipping off (a feature borrowed from the company’s other major product, external condom catheters for incontinence management).

You obviously don’t watch LogoTV. They’ve got hysterical commercials during RuPaul involving a gay couple and puppets. Seriously, I’d watch the channel just for the commercials!