Why "Arms" in hotel names?

If you Google “arms” “hotel” you get a long list of hotels named “The ___ Arms Hotel.”

Sherlock Holmes visited a place called Boscombe Valley, where he stayed at the Boscombe Arms Hotel.

Sesame Street has a hotel now, called the Furry Arms.

What’s with the “Arms”?

Wouldn’t it be a coat of arms, used in the hotel’s sign?

Yep - it’s a reference to the coat of arms of the person/family/town/guild etc. that the hotel is named for.

Bender lives at Robot Arms.

And Bugs Bunny once stayed at Broken Arms.

“Empty Arms Hotel!”

In A Streetcar Named Desire Blanche makes reference to the Tarantula Arms as a hotel where she lured her seductees for their trysts. Maybe some enterprising chain will jump on that one.