WHY? [baby cut from womb of woman answering craigslist ad]

Craigs List , fake mom cut out baby. news I don’t care what you say…:mad:

Incredibly sad, believe it or not its happened before almost exactly like in this case down to the letter. I hope they fry the bitch.


They need to do way instain mother> who kill thier babbys. becuse these babby cant frigth back? it was on the news this mroing a mother in ar who had kill her three kids. they are taking the three babby back to new york too lady to rest my pary are with the father who lost his children ; i am truley sorry for your lots

(If I understand the OP correctly, I’ll WAG that some crazy woman faked a pregnancy and then killed another woman and stole her preterm baby. This has happened more than once in the past, unfortunately. I am mostly amazed that the babies have survived this ordeal before).

Geezus… I’ve read about some parts of Africa where they used to steal and kill babies to make medicine from the bodies, but this seems even more absurd. What could be the incentive behind such an elaborate scheme? To collect child support money?

Bet it wasn’t the “mother” who committed the murder…

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Usually it’s because the murderer is mentally ill and/or thinks that the baby belongs to her, not the woman whose uterus is hosting it. OR that the pregnant woman doesn’t deserve the baby or would make a bad mother and she (the murderer) is going to “save” the baby.

These are often mothers, as mentioned, who have experienced the death of their own baby or been struggling with infertility. There have been a few that did it to trap a man into a relationship, pretending that the baby belonged to the two of them after maliciously faking a pregnancy, but mostly this is a thing that happens when someone’s sense of reality is not functional due to overwhelming grief and maladaptive coping mechanisms.

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This is probably what the OP is talking about. Sadly, the pregnant mother in this case survived the attack, but her baby did not.

Worst part is that she showed conveniently showed up with only $60 in cash when the ad for the baby plainly stated $100.

Some people REALLY want a baby.

Stuff like that can fuck people up. Not usually of course - as plenty of people lose children and don’t go do stuff like this. She has some sort of mental issues I’m guessing as she can’t possibly have rationally thought she’d get away with this. Plus she has crazy eyebrows.

How awful for the Mom and Dad.

I imagine that will play havoc with the insanity plea.

Well she was a nurse or something - so she could have already had the knowledge.

But even without that - since Regan’s attempted assassination - insanity is much harder to get nowadays.

No, she was a CNA, a Certified Nurse Aide. They’re trained in bathing, feeding, repositioning in bed and changing linens. Not c-sections or even assisting during c-sections. This was self taught. But I’m not sure what it has to do with any mental illness related defense. It certainly indicates that she planned it in advance, but it doesn’t mean she did so with full understanding of the consequences or the wrongness of it.

I was thinking about Lisa Montgomery, who murdered Bobbi Jo Stinnett to steal her baby and was sentenced to death for it:

What was it about the murder of Bobbie Jo Stinnett that caused the jury in Lisa Montgomery’s trial to vote to give her the death penalty? Why did they ignore her claim of insanity? Newly released court documents may explain some of the jurors’ thinking.


Carefully Planned

But the fact that may have swayed the jury most was the cold, calculated way that Montgomery carefully planned to kill Stinnett and steal her unborn child. According to court papers:


* Montgomery ordered a birthing kit online and studied how to perform a Caesarean section.


Apparently, the jury decided that the careful planning Montgomery did to carry out the murder of Stinnett and the theft of her unborn baby, who survived the attack, was not the act of an insane person, but that of a monster.

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What’s a baby go for these days?

In cases I remember, she has convinced her family and even SO that she was pregnant (don’t know how willfully ignorant he is being). When it becomes time to deliver (pun intended), she freaks out, needs a baby. Being crazy doesn’t hurt as well.