WHY? [baby cut from womb of woman answering craigslist ad]

They mentioned on the local Colorado news that women who do this are often motivated by the attention that comes with having a baby, not necessarily the baby itself. They need that validation and attention that comes with being a new mother, and obviously they don’t care how it happens.

Which might explain why the hell she took a dead baby to the hospital. :eek:

One of the weirdest aspects of this story is that the murderer’s husband came home early allegedly to take his wife to a prenatal doctor visit. She convinced him that she had miscarried, and he took her and the baby to the hospital.

Now, in some accounts he is quoted as saying the baby was alive when he first found it. He doesn’t mention anything about the woman bleeding in the basement. I think he must have been in collusion because how can you not know that your wife is NOT 7 months pregnant?

It’s always the man’s fault.

I am thinking of Dr. Ronald Markman’s book, Alone With The Devil. In this book, he relates the nonfictional story of a nurse, I believe in California, who did just this, as she felt she needed the baby to make her man stick around.

In this most recent case, mom lived. This is good. In the story Markman relates, mom wasn’t so lucky.

A baby goes for any reason, or no reason at all. That’s why you keep diapers on 'em.

I thought the news story said the husband took the wife and baby to the hospital. Which makes sense–he thought wife had miscarried, and he wanted to save both her and the baby.

Ah, yes I see they’ve updated it. Or I misunderstood the radio report yesterday, which said “she” brought the baby to the Emergency Room. But you’re correct. According to CNNs report, the aggressor’s husband came home and took her and the deceased infant to the hospital. That makes more sense.

Why, I myself fetched 50,000 dollars on the black market.

Them was 1954 dollars.

About the same way that it’s possible not to know that your wife or daughter is 9 months gone.

I don’t know the black market price points, but it was about $18,000 for my wife and I to adopt.

August West

Hey just out of curiosity, what on Earth did all that money go towards?

That could be a thread all by itself. It’s been 4 years, so my memory has lost the details, but large chunks went to the adoption agency, attorney’s fees, and required changes to our home to pass the home study.

I feel stupid for bringing this up because there are morons out there who think of adopting as “buying a baby”, please be assured that I do not think of my son as being a purchase.

Yeah, he’s more of an investment.

Exactly. My returns on hugs, giggles, and unconditional love have been off the charts.

Daughter, okay. You don’t see your daughter naked. But your WIFE?

Multiple reasons. First off, while IANAL, I believe full understanding is not necessary. You just have to know it is wrong and be in control of your actions.

Second, I believe such a break that has those characteristics tend to be limited in nature, especially amongst previously normally functioning individuals. This makes planning difficult.

Third, I know they often come with a decreased capacity for reason, which makes planning much more difficult.

is it slam dunk evidence? No. But it is the type of thing I’d expect to be brought up at trial. I’ve seen it brought up before in cases I’ve read about.

Updating Cazzle’s comment Lisa Montgomery is scheduled to be executed December 8:

My view is that she is mentally ill and shouldn’t be executed.

Curious that this old thread comes up again just as a new case – and a new Pit thread – happen.

I agree that she is ill and should be treated, not executed.