Why believe in UFOs?

I have a few questions about the UFO phenomenon, and I’m sure this topic has come up many times. So I call upon your collective wisdom.

First, a few caveats. 1) I know a UFO is anything unidentified, but I am talking about the alien variety. 2) I do believe there’s life out there, the universe is too darn big. That said, I do not believe UFOs are alien emissaries.

The pictures we have are blurry and vague. Why don’t we have ONE single good picture of one? I mean there must’ve been thousands of sightings since the '50s, many of those caught as blurry tiny objects in a photo or streaks on video. Yet, we’re able to get clear pics of Fergie topless and Oswald’s killer. Has there been one clearly defined UFO pic? Has one been taken by someone other than an amateur on a deserted road (or the like)? One that says “this is a UFO”, not “well, what else could it be?”

My second question deals with paranoia. Some may say the Govt has excellent pics or even the spacecraft themselves. But the vast right-wing conspiracy wants to cover it up. The Govt says there aren’t any, so people say “hey, they’re hiding something”. WHY are they covering it up??? What do they hope to gain by covering it up (or lose by revealing it)?

I’m inclined to think that maybe the Govt says they don’t have anything because they don’t. But I guess I’m no fun.

“It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in an argument” - William McAdoo

It’s like believing in anything. People believe in horoscopes, for example. They also believe they can win the lottery. I would rank them in the order lottery>UFOs>horoscopes as to the small possibility of success/reality.

I’m sure Nickrz will jump in here, but if I may suggest before he even has to – this topic is probably better handled in Great Debates. In fact, there is already a UFO thread there (though it was started originally as a troll).

I’ve moved to that UFO thread now. Thanks!!

Thank you, David, for that kindly intervention.