Why beside lower tax’s & weather are folks from North migrating to the South

I’ve left Nj 2 months ago for Little River SC because I hit a home run with a standing ovation on the sale of my home and bought a 3 yr old home with all the bells and whistles 5 miles from the beach…Sound great ! Not really because I’ve left a place that had my adult children & a state that I knew like the back of my hand “ friends Pizza bagels & a complete way of life. The area I live in now is not set up for amount of folks coming from Nj Ny Penn Mas & Ct. Doctors are at the point of not seeing new patients, Dentists the same. The people “ Locals “ are not in a hurry to about anything ex specially the post office yikes 2 weeks to get a mail box lock changed…I’ve relearned a few old adage “ The grass is greener & Look before you leap!

Reminds me of that Wall St. Journal article about retirees that buy a “dream home” in a new locale and then discover it’s not for them (may be paywalled):

I feel like a fish out of water! My wife seems to thing I need to give it time…Hope she’s right

It’s “taxes,” not “tax’s”!

I don’t think this is a “north vs. south” issue (and there are plenty of other threads on the board asking “why would anyone ever want to live in the South?!?!?”). You moved from New Jersey to a tiny (population 11,711) coastal community more than an hour away from the nearest big city (and that’s generously designating Wilmington as a “big city”.) You’d be experiencing the same issues if you’re relocated to coastal Maine.

At least then he wouldn’t be a “fish out of water”. :smiley:

I was raised in Florida and even though I’ve been gone from there since 1971, I still have this yearning to go back. This is in spite of it being, you know, Florida. It’s nostalgia, at least in part.

I miss the beaches, the daily sprinkle of rain, the tropical feel to the local flora, the Cuban food, my 15 year old healthy skinny body…

So, is your wife originally from the south? That might help explain things.

If Florida had Canada’s universal health care, there wouldn’t be a senior left in Canada. :grin:

(ok, well maybe a bit of an exaggeration but health care is a factor in determining we’ll be staying put.)

My wife and I moved from crowded/expensive California to the wide-open spaces of Montana 15 years ago, and it was the best decision we ever made. However, we did a lot of research and made several trips before pulling the trigger. We narrowed our search to three states before visiting the areas we thought might make sense.

It sounds like you fell for the romantic appeal of a quiet coastal southern town, only to wake up and find yourself stuck in a quiet coastal southern town. Give it some time, and try to make some friends. Go outside and explore the area. You may discover it’s more interesting than you think it is.