Why can't Chrome get it right?

The very latest version of Opera has some rendering issues with a couple of sites that are important to me, so I decided to give Chrome another shot.

It’s gotten much better! (By which I mean to say I used it for more than a week and have not been bothered by it crashing every time the wind changes direction.)

However, there are a few things that make it intolerable for me, and as their share of the browser market is steadily increasing, I have to ask: Aren’t these shortcomings driving people up the wall?

  1. Mark my place, bitch!

If I follow a link, and then use the “back” button to go back to the previous page, I expect that page to display as it was when I clicked the link; I do not wish to re-read the entire page from the top, and I sure as hell don’t want to scroll around trying to find where I was. Maddening.

  1. Protect my forms, ya bastard!

If I am typing a bunch of text into a text input box (like this one, for instance) this is an investment of my time. This has value to me. If the “back” button is pressed, either due to conscious choice (as needed reference to something previously viewed) or accidentally (as is a frequent occurrence in a house with a button-obsessed toddler and a keyboard designed by some cretin who thinks that keyboards need a dedicated “back” button {in addition to the backspace} and further that the bottom-left, most toddler-accessible corner of the keyboard is the ideal spot for it,) this should not mean that anything typed into a text input box (or the rest of the FORM data, for that matter) should be irretrievably lost. That’s fricking ridiculous. I am well aware that what I have just typed includes an unforgivable run-on sentence and is in serious need of some editing, but I am terrified of using the backspace key, in case a misplaced mouse-click has converted its function from “erase one character” to “completely void the efforts of the past ten minutes.”

  1. If you’re going to copy Opera’s SPEED DIAL, just do it.

A 3X3 arrangement of frequently visited sites represented by thumbnails is exactly what I want when I start my browser. It is a bit presumptuous of you to pick them for me, though. Also, of no use whatsoever, since most of the sites I want there never actually find there way there, and the ones that do appear in various different places, so it’s actually quicker to just type the frigging URL in than scanning to see if it the page I want is already represented.

Anyway, I do like Chrome more and more - but these faults are intolerable. If they fixed these few things, I would probably be ready to switch from Opera. I would miss Mouse Gestures, but I would get over it. I would miss my custom windows, but I can live without them. I like the ease of applying User Styles, but losing them does not come close to being a deal-breaker.

Opera’s last couple of releases have been a little sub-par. But for the items enumerated above, I would probably not look back. As it is, I’m looking around for the install files for an older version of Opera. With these flaws, I’d just as soon hire someone to randomly poke me in the eye while I use the internet as try to get by with Chrome.

On the speed dial thing, it puts your most frequently visited sites in there. Also you can pin them so they don’t change.

I use Chrome on my 100-year-old laptop, and I just noticed this last night. Never noticed it before but I haven’t done much web surfing on the laptop.

I thought it was just me - glad to know it’s just Chrome.

This seems like a typical feature of any browser…as in I don’t remember being impressed by a browser that has it. Dunno why Chrome can’t do this. It’s utterly important for surfing the Dope. Especially on a laptop where (I find) navigation is clunky to start with.

I also was disappointed with the latest version of Opera, but there’s no way in hell I’ll go back to a browser that doesn’t support mouse gestures. I’ve tried some mouse gestures add-on for Firefox but it seemed slow and clunky in comparison to Opera.

I don’t have a problem with it not marking my place. Can someone give an example of this happening? If I go to gladtobeblazed user profile and then use the back button to return to this page I have exactly the same view as I did before.

The OP’s post mad me go :confused:

Mine does. I just tested it several times on several sites.

Mine does. Just tested on a couple of different forum entry boxes and it preserved it each time.

This one’s fair enough. But it’s a redundant feature in either browser, as the Bookmark Bar is categorically superior. It’s always there, and if you only use Favicons as I do, keeps 50+ sites a mere click away.

  1. How do you get this to happen? It works as expected for me (meaning it does scroll back to the place I left off at) as long as I let the page finish loading.

  2. Summon your texts forth from oblivion with Lazarus.

  3. Pin them as Richard Pearse said or use Speed Dial.

Opera comes with everything but the kitchen sink. Chrome ships as barebone as possible, but you can give it a kitchen sink through extensions. Just philosophical differences, I guess.

Perhaps he doesn’t have the latest version. Get the Dev branch here.

My problem with Chrome is I still cannot get it to respect my increased font settings. In Firefox, I run everything at 120%. It’s just easier on my eyes. They really need text-only zoom and setting a default zoom.

Perhaps there’s a plugin to help?

I’ve been using Chrome for a while now and I haven’t had any problems. I just haven’t noticed anything. I like how lightweight it is- it just feels clean. I like the browser’s predictive url text, too.

^this. I haven’t noticed any of the problems the OP mentions, either. It’s my favorite browser.

AutoZoom sets a default zoom for all sites, but you have to toggle text-only zoom for each individual site the first time you visit it.

A better solution that takes slightly more effort to set up:
First get Stylish.
Then go to the wrench menu -> Extensions.
Click on Stylish’s Options.
Add a new style.
Give it a name (like THE ENLARGERIZER 2000 OF DOOM).
Check the “Enabled” box.
In the Code box, copy and paste the following (change the 1.02 to 1.03 or even bigger if it’s still too small):

* {font-size: 1.02em}

Click Save.

I’ve been using Chrome for about two months since some Firefox issues just can’t resolve themselves since the last update. I also have the placemarking problem with Chrome.

My biggest complaint, though, is the adblocking add-on that doesn’t actually block ads, it lets them load and then hides them. Also, and maybe this is something that can be worked around but it’s not intuitive to me, the “use address bar as search bar” thing always loads Google’s Mexican site, ignoring my account preferences to go to google.com with no country redirect. And is there a place to access Google bookmarks without making them Chrome bookmarks?

Not sure about the place-saving… have you tried the dev version, suggested above?

The adblocking thing is a huge complaint and is one of the reasons I still don’t use Chrome over Firefox. Hopefully they’ll fix that :frowning:

The search, on the other hand, might be fixable. Go to Tools (the wrench) -> Options -> Default Search -> Manage -> Add. Give it any name and keyword you want, and then for the URL, use:


Then click “Ok” and then make the new entry the default.

I’m reassured to hear that the things that are most frustrating aren’t things that Chrome users just have to deal with - I’ll try reinstalling a different version.

This is odd, though - since I get the same maddening behaviour at work and at home. [checks] Not that odd, same version here and there:

Work: unknown (45376)
Home: unknown (45376)

I’ll install a different version and soldier on, then. I hope that this will also solve the other thing that makes me scream about Chrome - the way that zooming with ^+ and ^- fails to keep the screen centered on the the bit you are looking at. (I can adjust to this being a two-key combo – only just.)

Latest version fixes the placeholding - but if I back away from a form, I still lose anything that’s filled into to it.

Zoom still doesn’t work ideally, though that’s not a deal-breaker.

I’ll take a look at some plug-ins designed to compensate for the flaky form-handling, but this should really come standard. Tsk, tsk.


Hey, it kept it this time! Maybe it’s autosaved periodically?

I feel much better, thank you.

That worked, many thanks!

Forgot this the first time.

I wish that Chrome know hoe to open a PDF file more than 10% of the time. Also, the absence of a feature to open a file without downloading it is very annoying.

How are you going to open a file if it doesn’t get downloaded?

Perhaps threemae meant the difference between “Save to disk” and “Open file with…”? The file gets downloaded behind the scenes, of course, but to the user it looks like the file is opened in the correct app automatically.