Why can't I access this page?

Why can’t I access this page?
It is titled Why are people mean to each other? I was getting emails for new posts, and when I click on the most recent one it takes me to a page that says I am not allowed access. What happened?


I saw the thread earlier, and it was by a poster who was subsequently banned. Maybe it’s been deleted?

Contributing to the confusion, the ‘subscribe’ mailing function seems to be duplicating its output this evening. So maybe you’re just getting ghost reply mails.

Often when threads are started by trolls or socks, if the mods need to keep it around for “evidence,” so to speak, they’ll move it to (one of) the moderator- (or admin-) only thread(s). Since these are inaccessible by regular members, the link results in that page.

Now I’m an admin over at NADS, I reckon that explanation makes total sense.

Mmmm. So someone said something nasty? From when I last checked it there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with what people were posting.

Curiosity is killing this cow.

Not what was said, but who said it.

IMO it was prolly a bannee returning as a sock.