Why can't I click on Yahoo! new links?

When you see a new headline on the main page of yahoo it takes you to a story that shows you just the first paragraph or something. If you click on the ‘more’ link it takes you to something like the following:


I get the white screen of “Cannot find server or DNS Error”


If I do exactly the same thing on a computer at work, no problems… it’s only on my home computer… it’s driving me nuts!

BTW, if I edit the link and remove everything before the * then it works OK… but that’s not really a solution…

I wish people who ask questions about computer issues would give more info like OS, browser, type of connection, etc. this information makes disagnosing the problem so much easier. otherwise it’s just a WAG.

No idea. It worked perfectly for me.

I couldn’t before, because rd.yahoo.com was being mapped to my local computer via the HOSTS file. Have you ever installed Kazaa Lite? That’s what put it in there for me, although it was indirectly.

The steps to fix this depend slightly on what OS you’re using, so we’ll need more info if this could be the case.

Sorry, I’m using windows xp with IE 6.0 on a cable modem connection. I do not use the ISP proxy server.
Yes, I do have kazaa lite installed… never occurred to me that that might be a problem!

I have this same problem and have kazaa lite installed aswell. I’m using Windows ME. Any suggestions?

Ok with XP… go to \WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\

and open up the file named hosts using notepad…

Hit ctrl-f and enter rd.yahoo.com into the find box…

put a # before any line that uses rd.yahoo.com or delete that line…

save your hosts file…

You should be fine… I had the exact same problem a while back and this cleared it up…

What the hosts file does is redirect all requests for any of the servers listed in the file to your local machine (or wherever you want to them to point)… By adding the addresses of many of the most common adservers to this file you are in effect making your computer look for these ads on your local machine (where they do not exist)…

It’s a pretty simple trick but it cuts down on a great deal of the ads you are forced to load while browsing. An unfortunate side effect of blocking yahoo’s ads is that you end up blocking more legitimate parts of the yahoo site (specifically anything that begins with rd.yahoo.com)

Wonderful! Thank you kindly.

Thank you so much!

Cool! I have the same problem and it’s been driving me nuts! I am trying this as soon as I get home!
Thanks in advance!