Sudden loss of ability to click on links.

I’m getting this on every effort to click on a link:

I have looked at several “fixes” to the HTTP 403 problem and have yet to find one that’s free and not on Norton’s scam list! :mad:

Anybody else with the problem AND a decent (free) fix?

My best guess is that something is screwed up with viglink.

Try adding to your spam filter or ad blocker and see if that fixes it.

This About Tech page on 403 errors gives a good rundown of possible causes and solutions. Try clearing your cache and cookies, that fixes many problems.

Thanks for the ideas. I’ll try them and report back. So far the only links that go to the target are ones I posted myself! :wink:

If you have a bad connection lasting more than 4 hours…call your doctor.

This has turned out to be the solution! I went all over Hell and half of Georgia since I posted this complaint/problem and finally got the solution – (I hope! :dubious: ) – by way of:

Meanwhile I have spent literal hours downloading the various come-ons that spend gobs of time building lists of all the ills in the world before eventually letting you know that for $30 or $50 they will remove all traces of them – and cooties. After all their plate-juggling, I just bailed out.

One potential culprit (I won’t name it since it may be innocent) has taken forever to remove. There’s still an unwanted scrap of it I can’t get rid of, so I hope it’s not lying in wait like those dormant viruses!

Anyway, thanks for the place to go to. I finally got there and now I can see all the lovely links that have been posted in the threads I’ve been involved in. I didn’t realize how addicted to links I have become!

Thanks for the help, engineer_comp_geek!

I found this which supports the idea that others might profit from knowing that source of my irritation:

I’m still trying to get it out of my yard! Anybody have a FREE tool that does that sort of thing?