Why can't I connect to my own wireless network?(usename,password,logon domain)

I restored my laptop to factory settings before giving it to my brother, and now I can’t connect it to my wireless network. I haven’t had this problem with any device before. Right click on available networks, find my home network, click to connect and it asks me for a User name, password(which I know), and Logon domain? wtf? Usually it will just ask for a password and that’s it. I have no idea what’s going on? It’s been my laptop and my wireless account the entire time. It’s a Belkin router using 64 bit WEP and the laptop is using Vista. Any suggestions?

When fixing connection problems, the first thing I do is disable all security on the router (including Mac filtering)

When this happened to me, it turned out that my laptop defaults to turning off wireless connections and it has to be reenabled by hand every time the network is turned off (we do it in a thunderstorm) while the computer is running. So I hibernate it before we turn the network off and when I wake it up it connects immediately.

I think you have open the network sharing center (this is Win7) and follow the troubleshooting guide which eventually asks you if you wish to enable wi-fi connections. Other laptops I had had a button or switch, but this one apparently doesn’t. Needless to see there is no documentation that accompanies this computer, nor can I find any online.

OK that was odd.

Right click on wireless networks icon—>click connect to a network—>click setup a connection or network—>click manually connect to a wireless network—>enter my info and everything works. Took a while though.