Why can't I get this incomprehensible, misogynistic song out of my head?

That song is “Get Low,” by Lil’ Jon and The East Side Boyz, with the Yin Yang Twins. I have looked up the lyrics on multiple websites, and read them while I listened to the song, and here is what I am sure they are saying in the chorus:

3,6,9 standing real fine move it to you suck it to me one mo time
Get low, Get low
To the window, to the wall, (to dat wall)
To the sweat drop down my balls (my balls)
To all you bitches crawl (crawl)
To all skit skit motherf—er (motherf—er!) all skit skit got dam (got dam)* (x2)

Okay, Shakespeare this sure ain’t. Hell, Puff Daddy could do better. But it gets better (or worse, depending on your POV). The second verse, sung by one of the Twins, contains this lyrical gem:

cause Yin Yang twins in this bitch
Lil Jon and the East side boys wit me
and we all like to see ass and titties
Now bring yo ass over here hoe
and let me see you get low if you want this Thug
Now take it to the floor (to the floor) and if yo ass wanta act you can keep yo ass where you at

I’m no bleeding heart liberal feminist sypathizer, but even I am offended by this. This isn’t some underground group; I saw their video on BET, and hear this song played in clubs quite often. Hope this won’t be regarded as a poll, but has anyone else on hear heard this, and find it as repulsive as I do?
What annoys me so much about this is that the song has a great dance beat to it, and is very skillyfully arranged and mixed. the lyrics I’ve quoted don’t convey how catchy this tune is.

I guess I’m a little annoyed that such talent was put into creating something I find repulsive when taken as a whole. I know, it’s not my world, I just rent space, but geez. And here I thought nobody would ever top Gun N’ Roses’ “turn around bitch, I got a use for you” line.

Blah, that’s nothing. You want a misogynistic song? Try “Let’s Hear It For Violence Against Women” by Jim Goad on the HATESVILLE album.

He made the song from culling his rant of the same name which can be found here:

Features some real profanity, so be warned:


Thanks to Lizard, I have just now discovered I am, in fact, living under a rock.

Misogynistic lyrics in a hip-hop song you say?

Shocked I am, shocked!

I’ve never heard of that song (I don’t like rap or hip hop), but I’ve heard worse before. A friend of mine likes to play a song in his car that’s just about the nastiest, most violent anti-women song I’ve ever heard. No idea what the rapper’s name is, though.

I would like to point you towards a little ditty called “Oochie Wally” by QB’s Finest. When I read the title of this thread, I thought that’s what you were talking about.

How about Under My Thumb by the Rolling Stones? Nice little bit of '60s misogyny for you.



If we were able to enact the same strictures against audio pornography as we are against visual pornography, things like this wouldn’t be in common circulation.

You would have to wear a hat and trenchcoat and sneak into your audio-porn shop – and you couldn’t play it on street corners or BET or MTV.

Try going downtown some evening and projecting a porn movie on a white building publicly and see what happens – it is the same thing that should happen to people blaring this ugly, hateful, garbage into unsuspecting peoples ears.


There is some good rap and hip-hop, but like everything else played commercially, you have to dig through the cargo hold of week old dead squid in rancid water to find it.

[sub][/sub]sngkkkkkkgghh[sub][/sub] :smiley: :smiley:

Very, very nice rant. I especially like the porn movie idea.

BTW: Mapplethorpe’s prosecutor already done got all my 2 Live Crew MP3s. You think being banned from here is harsh. Had to move out of Ohio altogether.

No one, I repeat NO ONE can top the song that is the very quintessence of misogyny:


by the Nug of course.

That song is misogynistic, as a lot of others from that period - (Beatles “Run For Your Life” has even viler lyrics). However, there was a lot of camp and irony in it as well…I mean if Mick is so sure he has his girl ‘under his thumb’, why does he have to keep reassuring himself over and over that he really is the boss? If you hear the song it shifts from boasting and swagger to a bit of desperation. I am not saying they are all that ‘positive’, but there is more than one way to hear it.

But these “Get Low” lyrics really are too dumb to be nuanced one way or another. Maybe they were trying to be playful but it comes out wrong.

Boy, you sure got that right. I think “dumb” is the nicest thing that can be said for this song’s lyrics.

God. And I’m STILL listening to it. :smack: