Why Can't I Record A Certain Fox Show Tonight On SlingTV?

My SlingTV subscription includes Fox. I know this because it dutifully records The Orville for me every week. Oddly, when I look at my Guide, I don’t see Fox (or NBC for that matter, even though it records all of my NBC shows). When I search for other Fox shows that I don’t record - Gotham, Bob’s Burgers, etc. - they show up as available for me to record.

Yet for some reason, Sling doesn’t seem to understand that A Christmas Story Live is airing tonight. Every possible combination of search terms I’ve used just gives me the 80’s movie on other channels.

What am I doing wrong here?

I don’t have a SlingTV or know how one operates, but I’ll give a suggestion based on how other DVRs work.

Does SlingTV have an option to record by time? For example 8:00 to 9:00 pm on Sunday? That’s a good work around for when the guide is messed up.

Does SlingTV have an option to add time to program recordings? For example, can you make the previous show add an extra 60 minutes to the end? Can you make the next show on the schedule start 60 minutes early?

What does SlingTV’s schedule say will be playing during that hour? Try recording that? But I would make this my last option, just in case the schedule corrects itself between now and then.