Why can't I watch The Magicians on my computer?

I can watch it on the Roku Netflix channel but when I try on the computer Netflix tells me it’s not available. Anyone know why?

And while I have your attention-- I know I’m, like 5 years late but I just binge watched season one and I am not sure I will ever get used to the stupid hand magic. Instead of muting them, the Russian teacher should have melted their fingers. Also, my biggest take-away from season one is do not, under any circumstances, open yourself up honestly to someone. Especially not to someone you love because they will fuck you up both physically and emotionally.

Not very helpful, but as long as you’re logged in you should be able to play Magicians. Do other shows or movies work? If nothing is working, try another browser. Chrome works great with Netflix.

Yes, other shows work. I do use Chrome. Maybe I should try another browser.

At least try another browser. Typically if other Netflix shows stream, any Netflix show should stream.

One possibility, maybe on the Roku device, Netflix needs to be exited to free up a streaming slot?

Sorry terminology is wrong but depending on your plan, could be an issue. We can only stream on 2 devices at once with our plan I believe.

Are you using a VPN on your computer? Does it go through a server in a different country?

It is the VPN. Apparently whatever country they’re diverting to doesn’t have access to The Magician yet.