Why can't Siam Sam accept correction?

I kissed a thai girl on vacation in the US, that should make me the new expert.

It’s a ten-way Thai!

What I don’t understand is why Thais insist on using those squiggly letters rather than a proper American alphabet like the Vietnamese and Filipinos do. Are they trying to hide something?


I actually attempted to cook Pad Thai a couple of nights ago. It turned out so-so, not great. I may try again so I will be even more of a Thai expert. :wink:

They just dropped some noodles in the printing press.

I kinda of have to disagree with your premise. I find the exact reverse to be true. You may not remember, but there was a time when Siam Sam posted often on the topic of ruthless Thai bar girls cravenly victimizing expats.

Now, having spent time there, I know, such things do happen, and such stories abound. But Sam seemed to really favour these stories. But he started taking heat for it, and facing questions, and he, somewhat graciously moved away from either his view of them, or posting about them.

And, in a thread where I’d posted about Asians always washing their rice, he was graciously surprised such was true and he hadn’t noticed.

So I’m really not seeing what you’re on about, to be honest. Siam Sam makes an interesting contribution to this board, in my humble opinion. But he’s just a guy with an opinion, in the end, like all of us. Sometimes he gets it wrong. Big Whoop.

Let it go.

It’s a tri-syllable?!

Need genuinely fast answer; auction is about to expire!

When you make an honest acknowledgement of your own personal failings/weaknesses/eccentricities like this,you will find people are much more patient, understanding and forgiving if you apologize and offer that you realize you need to keep those compulsions under control and you are sorry for insulting people, and not act as if simply acknowledging your weirdness gives you cover to double-down on your oddities. It doesn’t.

I assure you, nobody gives a fuck about who’s right about Thai farts or what paperwork you need to open a bank account. There is no contest for “Westerner Who’s Learned the Most About Thai Language and Society.” I do know that Siam Sam seems to be reasonably knowledgeable about Thailand, and not obnoxious about it. If he is right in the cases you mention or not, I cannot tell and do not care. You act as if you are trying to dethrone him and become the resident Thai expert, and really there is no such thing.

It’s great to promote knowledge and share trivia, but if you can’t correct errors in a respectful, humble fashion that acknowledges that nobody is free from making errors, especially when the other person is obviously not a drooling idiot and just may be mistaken about something, then you just come across as a bit of a loon.

I’ve been there, I understand where you are coming from, and your approach just doesn’t work.

The idea that a post that isn’t factually correct is more preferable to one that is, however obnoxious in tone, should be anathema to the Straight Dope.

I “give a fuck” about the requirement to opening a bank account in Thailand, and you should too. Not because I think I might need to do just that in future, but because it’s part of fighting ignorance. Now of course if it were done gracefully and politely all the better, but it should be done regardless. Otherwise this is just another message board of thousands on the internet. I thought we set the standard higher than that.

Nah, I’m not saying I prefer factually incorrect posts as long as they are polite. That’s ridiculous. I said I don’t give a fuck about who’s right, not about the information being correct.

But, I disagree that squabbling over the minutiae of bureaucratic procedures is part of fighting ignorance, at least at anything more than the most pedestrian level. That is the sort of information that can and really only needs to be accessed when it is relevant to the person who is seeking the knowledge, and does not rise above the level of obscure trivia. (Besides, anyone that is foolish enough to begin a bureaucratic process armed with information posted by some anonymous poster in the straight dope rather than getting the necessary information straight from the bureaucracy in question deserves to get misinformation, actually. :wink: “Wait, you mean I need to fill out form ZS-3/77.1 in blue pen? But on the dope they said black would be perfectly fine!”)

After the edit window closed on my previous post, I did want to retract the bit about posting the correct information in a “respectful, humble fashion”…that was just a little too precious. Sorry 'bout that.

“Uns, Thais, Fee Tines a Mady…”

Fucking farangs. Get off my soi!

I agree that this petty squabbling is useless. That’s why I Pitted Sam. In particular I’m annoyed that he always insists on having the last word, however repetitious it might be.

And I do realize that Siam Sam is normally a gracious friendly Doper. Obviously I did something to annoy him, but I don’t know what. Using Search I located one of our earliest encounters: this thread about language. In that thread, Sam posts #14, #50, #52, #57, #58, #60. Septimus posts #28, #51. The interaction between Septimus and Sam is at 50-51-52, though Sam’s 57-58-60, related to someone else, also demonstrate his need to get the last word, even when wrong.

I thought my post #28 was especially informative in that thread. Sam’s #50 (“No. Wela. Although no doubt you’ll defend the V vigorously.”) was rather perfunctory … and hints to me that I’d annoyed him earlier, though I don’t know when unless he’d been silently stewing about his own ignorance from the “fart” thread mentioned earlier. Read 28-50-51-52 objectively and tell me who’s discussing linguistics and who’s just on some ego trip.

I am not claiming Sam’s performance in that thread was a “big deal” – obviously we all frequently see far far worse at SDMB. But it’s the first of many examples where he demonstrates some obsession to answer me with snark whenever I demonstrate knowledge of Thai, etc. It’s too bad he’s put me on Ignore since I am curious what led to his attitude.

Siam Sam is one of my favorite posters. Nothing against septimus, either. I’ll spring for a short time hotel rom for you two to sit down and work things out.

It’s because you’re an asshole. Have you already forgotten?

Or here

And now you’re bitching about mmmbeer? Do you not see the common thread in all these altercations? Look at your behaviour in that thread, every post you made in that thread was nothing but snark.

Lay off with the fucking smileys and writing in really large font and you’d probably have to start a lot fewer pit threads.

This is the SDMB, squabbling over minutiae is what we do.

[Yul Brynner] Is a puzzlement! [/Yul Brynner]

I was never able to open a straight up savings account in the USA because I had no credit history, they were not extending me any credit(no checks or debit card).
I tried at several large and small banks, at each once the credit check came back no info that was the end of it. I cannot find any law or policy that attests to the fact you must have some credit history to open a bank account in the USA, but I promise you it is true.

I’ve admitted that I have a perverse compulsion to let a Doper know when he’s irritated me … and there are a lot of irritating Dopers :frowning: . On some other message boards I’ve never been obnoxious. In real life, people frequently comment on my jovial friendly nature. (Though my Mr. Hyde side does emerge in a temper fit, only twice or thrice a year these days, when someone is particularly irritating.)

There is a similarity between you and me, emacknight. We are both assholes on this Board.

There are also at least two major differences:

(1) The facts I post are almost always correct. Yours are usually wrong or distorted … in the rare cases where your “facts” are more than just trite gibberish. Aren’t you the one that started and junior-modded a long thread on the dictionary definition of “risk”?

(2) AFAICT, you don’t seem to even know what an asshole you are.