Why debate religion?

Honestly, people believe what they want to believe. By debating and trying to show a true believer of one way to see your way you don’t make a convert, you make enemies.

To bastardize a quote, debating about religion is like dancing about architechture. It gets you absolutely nowhere other than you feeling your beliefes are no longer threatened in your mind.

None of you religion hounds are convincing any of the others, the “Christians” won’t be converting the mormons, jews or wiccans anytime soon and vice versa, can’t we find something more productive to use our collective intellects on?

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

As a practicing architech dancer, I highly resent the implication that it is a useless artform. Indeed, if it weren’t for the B.A.D. (Bretheren of Architech Dancers) you would not have the same quality of life you now enjoy.

Why? Because as witnessed by the recent events in Kansas, it isn’t sufficient for some people to simply believe and let others believe or not. They feel they must give their belief the force of law and inflict in on everyone else. That’s why.

When religious people demand that they are right and those who do not agree are wrong, or they use their religion to influence what should be secular law, or use it to have scientific standing, or use it to justify murder, or just annoys the hell out of you, sure, we can debate it.

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Oh, by the way, Mormons consider themselves Christians. (They believe in Christ.) I am not a Mormon, but I had an anal-retentive moment there, so I had to share.

I think it is fine for different religious denominations to debate amongst themselves, sure. If they want. But, I rarely see a heated debate between a Christian and an atheist go anywhere but downhill. I don’t see the point. On the other hand, a nice discussion of beliefs, and how they differ, etc., is fine. (I have had those sort of conversations.) The key word is discussion - NOT debate.

I am a Christian, and I sure don’t want anyone arguing with me about my faith, and trying to talk me out of it. It makes me happy, and as long as I don’t make it any of their business, it’s none of their business. I am sure most atheists/agnostics or people with other beliefs feel the same way.

As it happens, I have had atheists argue with me about my faith. I did nothing more than mentioin that I was Christian, and in they started, with some sort of an attempt to make me see how “deluded” I was. I found it very rude, considering that I have never treated anyone else like that.

I think that many people think that religious people are the ones always trying to do the converting, but it can work the other way too. Either way, an “in your face” arguement/debate usually goes nowhere!

But you see folks, I’m not saying we should never consider questioning religions place in society but rather on this message board. i see too many people arguing their religion is right and other are wrong and what not on here. All it has managed to do is cause a rift between the bible bangers and the eye rollers.

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

Burn, don’t let it get to ya. Whenever there is an issue that people feel strongly about, they will discuss it whether or not the place is “appropriate” or not. I don’t think there’s really any hate and discontent for the bulk of SDMBer’s regarding the religous discussions that sometimes occur; I think everyone takes things in stride, with the consideration that it’s just someones opinion. I think a big difference has been made by the confining of religous discussion to the Great Debates part of the board.

I learn an awful lot from these religious debates, even when they degenerate into Death Matches. I am a blank slate when it comes to religion, and I’ve learned a lot about various sects of Christianity, Judaism, Wicca, etc. here. I’m still happy to be an atheist, but now I’m a better informed one!

I agree with Flora. I’m not an atheist, nor am I a Christian. But I have learned so much from the debates/discussions/flame wars that take place here. It’s entertaining, amusing, and extremely enlightening. I rarely engage in the religious debates, because I’m not enough of an expert on anything to put in anything more than a personal opinion. The debates that occur here, though, are a great place to learn.

“Can’t we all just get along”

I just hate to see people who may be knowledgable in some areas be discounted because they make a fool or an ass of themselves on a religious thread.

Anyway I was just asking a question, seems like i’m the only one who finds it silly, so i will just drop it now.

(sits in his seat quetly and eats his jujubes)

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

BurnMeUp, can I have some jujubes? Personally, I love the flame wars. Beats working.

<Passes Eden the jujube box>

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

{hands Eden the box of jujubes}

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

I think the posters I have read here are debating religion merely to amuse us. I certainly find it entertaining.

I just can’t seem to muster up enough concern over the existence or non-existence of a deity to jump into the fray. I’m guess my religion would be apathy.

One complete set of morals for sale to highest bidder, new in box.

I generally refrain from posting in the religious debate threads unless it’s to correct a blanket statement, such as “All Christians are Creationists,” or to respond to an objective question about my beliefs. I think Polycarp’s “Salvation 101” is a good thread. I’ll go ahead and post in that one.

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