Why did Amazon get rd of the Open Orders option?

I have been on vacation. When I came back I logged into Amazon to check some stuff and noticed that under Your Orders the option for Open orders is gone. Not sure if this is a test and only some users have been effected but it is missing on two different PCs (but my Kindle still can filter for open orders).

A really dumb design decision if it sticks.

I noticed that a day or two ago. But I also seem to recall this happened before, and it was fixed.

Open Orders works on my account using a PC. Just tried it.

Followup: a few days later it is back.

I’m glad it’s back.

I was ready to give the usual, correct (and extremely short) answer in understanding Amazon:


Maybe this should go in Sequential Threads, but right above this thread right now is “Ebay got rid of My Collections”. I sense a trend that they’d rather you just go ahead and buy it RIGHT NOW.

[del]I got no open orders option,[/del] and now it’s back. :confused: