Why did I know this was going to happen? (Wellstone-related)

So there I was, sitting there, and then I get a message on AIM from my friend:

friend: Hey, you heard about Wellstone dying?
airdisc: Yeah.
friend: Well, guess whose going to be at the funeral.
airdisc: Who?
friend: Ol’ Freddy Phelps and his merry band of men.
airdisc: Wonderful.

So I go check godhatesfags, and sure enough, Phelps-off is rambling on calling him a “fag” (despite the fact that Wellstone was married and had a daughter).

Of course, as usual, Phelps will either be giggled at, or ignored altogether.

Lets hope he’s flying there…In a small airplane. In bad weather…

You mean a daughter and two sons.

Our friend Fred’s flyer (.pdf file) explaining why Wellstone is burning in hell. Well, he doesn’t explain much, other than how evil Wellstone was.

I’ll be at the funeral tomorrow night. I’ll let you know what I see, if anything.

I don’t think they’ll be at the funeral. Last I heard, they’re going to be in St. Paul, but protesting outside the Catholic church where they baptisted the quads of two gay men. Maybe they’re doing a Fred Phelps “Hate” Tour for 2002.

lno, yeah. I didn’t know about the two sons. I just put who I knew had died. That sucks even more, two now parent-less and sister-less boys.

:frowning: about that, and :mad: at Phelps.

Lovely. And the bastard is due here next week, I think. (fargo) I hope we get a freeking blizzard.

Make that a daughter, two sons and six grandkids.
Here is a link to a Minneapolis Star-Tribune article about Paul and Sheila Wellstone. They met when they were both 16 years old, and they were one of the closest couples in politics. Anyone who gets “gay” out of this has got to be kidding.

**particlewill, ** no such luck. They usually travel in cars and vans. Maybe the roads could be icy,(heh, heh, heh) Jeez, I’ll have to go to confession for that latter comment.

My, he’s busy. Wasn’t he just at Gwen Araujo’s funeral? Damn, I hope some day I’m famous enough to have him (well, his descendents) show up at mine. (Let’s see their heads explode at the Wiccan ceremony. veg)

Didn’t that happen in (my former home of) Lexington, KY? (It may have happened in St. Paul as well, but it seems fairly unlikely that two sets of gay men would be parents to two sets of quads, both of whom planned to raise them Catholic.)

Dr. J

I’m gonna regret asking this. But who the hell is Fred Phelps? Sounds like a character from Fernwood Tonight

Hell, I already regret asking. I know, I just won’t push that “Submit” butt…Damn!

Do you remember the preacher who organized the protests at the Matthew Shepherd funeral? That’s the guy. He’s an obsessively anti-gay whack-job who likes to picket at funeral of AIDS victims. This link will tell you all you need to know. Be warned though, it’s akin to looking at a KKK site.


elucidator, the site mentioned in Ino’s post describes what Phelps is all about. However, I’m not going to link to it because I don’t want to encourage further traffic there. Basically, Phelps is a professional shit disturber who loudly expresses outrageously hateful and noxious viewpoints about gays and liberals because he wants to attract attention to himself. (Indeed, after looking at Phelps’ WBC website, it makes me wonder if he’s not really a covert atheist who’s trying to undermine Christianity from within.)

As for picketing Wellstone’s funeral, you think if he was going to dance on someone’s grave, he’d at least have the courtesy to wait until after the funeral was over.

I would have expected Phelps to hate Wellstone for being Jewish. Or is everyone he hates gay?

Which - I guess - makes ME - ulp -

Phelps is also crazier than a shithouse rat. For real. He scares me.

My father-a funeral director-said he’d call the cops on Phelps for disturbing the peace if he ever protested at a funeral my dad was at.

Holy shit he’s coming to Canada??? why why why does he even care about us… let us be doomed in peace… Can’t you keep him in your country??? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

I agree with Guinastasia… people like that scare me

You know, by now I thought I’d be de-sensitized to Phelps’ despicable rhetoric and hypocrisy. But taking a look at the PDF of that anti-Wellstone flyer, he still manages to make me angry at a visceral level. Which is probably just what he wants. But, then again, it’s probably a good thing that I don’t stop getting angry at his hatred. People have to keep fighting his evil.

**jools, ** Phelps has already been in Canada. Ask **matt_mcl ** about the time they tried to burn the Canadian flag.

Phelps the :wally probably realizes (though maybe not, given what a stupid :wally he is) that Paul Wellstone himself was not gay.

Phelps the :wally :wally probably hates Wellstone for being Jewish and politically left of center, which I am sure probably included being pro-gay rights.

Swell. Now I know. And this guy is a preacher?! Shit like this makes the Baby Jesus puke His little guts out.