Why did I think Carrie-Anne Moss was a lesbian?

I saw a picture of a visibly pregnant Carrie-Anne Moss in the paper the other day, alongside a man that the caption identified as being her husband. And all I could think was, “Huh? I thought she was a lesbian.” Now, I’m not saying that I had a low opinon of her or anything like that, as there is absolutely nothing wrong with somebdy being a lesbian. It’s just that I honestly thought I had read somewhere previously that she was a lesbian. When I search Google, however, I don’t find any references whatsoever to this.

Was this just all in my mind? Did I misread an article or am I perhaps thinking of a different actress? Or does anybody else remember reading somewhere that Carrie-Anne Moss is a lesbian?


Carrie-Anne Moss

K.D. Lang

Just a possibility.

Sour grapes, perhaps? :wink:

I think its the residual effect of the wishful thinking of millions of lesbians all over the planet.

Well, I hadn’t noticed the striking similarity between Ms. Moss and Ms. Lang before sublight pointed it out, so I don’t think that was it. And no, I don’t think it was just “sour grapes”. And, just in case anybody is curious, I don’t automatically assume that any strong-willed female actress must be a lesbian. I swear I read about it somewhere, and it was mentioned in a casual, “as everybody knows” sort of way and not as some sort of shocking news.

I was thinking maybe it was an old (obviously since disproved) rumor or something, but I’m guessing now that maybe I did just misread whatever article I think I saw after all.

For the record, I don’t find Ms. Moss particularly attractive, but I thought her chemistry with Keanu Reaves in “The Matrix” was believable enough.