Why did O'Connor resign before Rehnquist?

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Just as my OP says–Is there any importance to this, or just the way the chips fell? My tinfoil hat is at the cleaners.

Didn’t she allegedly complain and indicate she wanted to retire on election night 2000? Rehnquist may really not want to quit yet. O’Connor is 75 and he’s 80, it’s not like she quit young.

There is some speculation that Rehnquist is interested in ‘his’ court holding the record for longest run as a group. That record is passed in August, IIRC. He also may be holding out until closer to the new term to increase the pressure to confirm a replacement.

I think he’s just a stubborn, senile old coot, who won’t leave until he has to.

It was my theory that Rehnquist was trying to hold on until 2007, in the hopes that the Republicans could gain enough seats in the senate to provide a filibuster-proof appointment.

O’Connor’s husband is in poor health and she wants to spend time with him before he dies.

Rehnquist appears ready to sit in that chair until he croaks in it.

Seems pretty commonsense to me.

Yup. Justice Rhenquist has made no bones about his intentions to remain on the bench as long as humanly possible.

So “bones” may be the perfect word.

Actually, I think that’s already Ginsburg’s nickname.

I’m sorry. Dunno what came over me.

Rehnquist will be carried out of the court in a body bag.