Why did Shannon Doherty leave Beverly Hills 90210?

Back in the day I remember hearing that Shannon D left because of ‘friction’ with some of the other actors, especially the female ones.

But does anyone know any more details about it? Surely there must be more to it, DETAILS DETAILS!!!

I always thought she left for the same reasons David Caruso left NYPD Blue and Katherine Heigel left Grey’s Anatomy. They all thought they were big stars too big for television and wanted to make it big in the movies.

You may be thinking of Charmed where her cast-mates gave producers an ultimatum. Alyssa Milano, for example, said something along the lines of “Either she goes or I go!” and Doherty has reputation for being difficult and not well-liked on set.

I vaguely recall that she was a PITA for 90210 too, but I never really followed that stuff. I remember teh Charmed stuff because a girl I liked at the time watched the show.


"Fourteen years after she was fired from “Beverly Hills, 90210″ for bad behavior, the show’s given Shannen Doherty the boot again!

The producers of the new “90210″ originally wanted Shannen, 37, to appear for the entire season, but the Enquirer learned she was so difficult on the set that producers gave her the heave-ho as soon as they could…

“She argued with people, hated some of the scripts, and wanted things done her way. She pranced around the set like she owned it and often ordered changes in her dialogue, which cost time and money.

“After the first taping, the brass decided she just wasn’t worth the hassle.”

R-i-i-i-i-ght. :smiley:

Methinks Swallowed My Cellphone needs a polygraph test like they gave to Jerry Seinfeld when he told his police office girlfriend that he didn’t watch Melrose Place.

I had heard that Luke Perry demanded that Dylan and Brenda’s relationship be broken up because he couldn’t stand working so much with Doherty. IOW, she was such a bee-yotch that she actually affected the storyline.

On a similar note, Tisha Campbell-Martin played Martin Lawrence’s wife in the sit-com Martin. Campbell disliked Lawrence so much she had her contract changed so she wouldn’t have to appear in any scenes with Lawrence. That must have put a strain on the writers.

I seem to partly remember an incident where Shannon Doherty threatened a former boyfriend with being “sodomized in the front yard” a few years ago? Did something like this really happen? I know that my sister and I laughed for days about this situation.

Pretty sure this turned out to be bunk. She was on the revived show far longer than what a “first taping” would’ve accomplished, and they did bring her back for some episodes late in the season. Or so someone who watched the show tells me. :stuck_out_tongue: Wiki even says she was in the season finale that year. She hasn’t been in subsequent seasons, but in general the show seems to be trying to back off from the whole original characters showing up thing. Even Jenni Garth never shows up anymore, and she was practically a regular the first season. Or so I’ve been told. :wink:

Oh and as for Charmed, from what I recall, it was just Alyssa Milano that wanted her gone. Holly Marie Combs remained friends with both of them (at least according to things I read back when the show was still on the air, I guess that could be bunk too).

Well, it looks like seven years ago (or thereabouts). But, aiee, that’s pretty brutal.

<nitpick>S-h-a-n-n-e-n, which is something I’ll never forget because my pediatrician insisted on spelling my name that way too no matter how often he was reminded it was o-n, not e-n. :rolleyes: </nitpick>

Doherty’s contract was up at the end of the 4th season. Her status was still up in the air when they shipped her character off to London for the summer. Doherty either chose not to come back, or the producers chose not to renew her contract (probably both).

She had a habit of showing up late to the set, forgetting lines, and did not get along with her co-stars. It’s too bad, because IMO the show was never as good after she left.

I honestly don’t get how actors could think they’d be able to get away with stuff like that, unless they did happen to be at the very top of the game, like at Johnny Depp or Natalie Portman level. Even if they’re shriveled heartless monsters inside, doesn’t it make cold calculating sense to at least try to play nice with people who are in control of hiring you or can influence those who do? Brenda from 90210 is not exactly untouchable-seeming, even at the height of the show. And if she had movie aspirations, she should have been been even more careful to not burn any bridges…

Are we missing part of the story, or is she just dumb?

ISTR scuttlebutt was that Milano had a certain amount of clout on the show and was dating the guy who plays Leo, and used her leverage to remove Doherty from the show for reasons not clear but possibly personality-clash related. This would be consistent with the greater role subsequently played by Milano and her new boobs on the show.

Milano: “Was that a crack about my boobs? Joel!”
Joel: “I know, I’m suing, I’m suing…”

It should not be regarded as gospel truth but the parody of “Beverly Hills” show that Darren Star did (“Grosse Pointe”), the Shannen Doherty character isn’t portrayed favorably. But there is probably some truth.

As far as actors realizing they can’t get away with behaving badly, a lot of young, they have enablers around telling them they are the greatest thing since canned beer and there are some who have long careers while still being jerks.

I don’t know about dumb, but I think she has some mental issues (bipolar?) exacerbated by a big ego, enablers, and alcohol and drug use, at least in the past. I know someone who saw her in a restaurant some years ago acting totally wacked, making a big scene. An ordinary peon would have been asked to leave, but not a celebrity!