Why did you vote the way you did?

i was just poking around and found this post:

I thought it was interesting. Given the many, many threads dissecting everything about this election, I thought it would be very interesting and enlightening to have a better understanding of why people voted the way they did.

In asking this, I would also ask people who WANTED to vote for McCain, or Bradley but ended up having to vote for someone else, why they would have preferred the original candidate.

I won’t post my reasons yet. But I would really like to understand the motivations of all the passionate posters here.



I decided to this election to take a stance of never supporting or voting for a candidate that I thought willing to intervene militarily in Colombia (or anywhere else, for that matter) in support of the “War on Drugs”. If this nation is going to get involved in another Vietnam, I want to be able to claim no credit.

I really wish that McCain had won the primary, I would have voted for him (I don’t have a party affiliation).

Voting for Dubya was out of the question. The guy isn’t very bright, his grasp on the issues and reality is not what I’d want in a president. More over the policies that he is acting as a mouth piece for are a tad dubious IMO.

Then there’s Gore. I just plain don’t agree with a fair deal of his policies.

Nadar’s not a serious canidate. He doesn’t have the issues down, and I disagree with the greens on a fair deal of their assertions.

Finally Brown. I agree with a lot of the Libertarian party possitions, and so I decided that being in Colorado where my vote didn’t matter anyway I’d vote Libertarian. If just to get the t-shirt saying, “One of the proud 10 that voted Libertarian.”

That’s why I voted the way I did. Because their was no canidate that could both win and be worthy of winning.

Interesting. First of all, taxes should be raised in a time of surplus to quickly pay off national debt. Surpluses occur because monies were allotted to fund infrastructure programs which have either been completed or overestimated. Now that we shelled out the dough, its time to get it back. Economics.

I didn’t vote. I don’t vote because candidates do not come close to representing me. I doubt they ever will. I will not vote, which is an endorsement of policy. I follow only the laws I agree with. I accept the consequences of such a way of life. Until a candidate comes close to representing me, as the libertarians are beginning to, I probably will never vote. And I accept the consequences of that, as well. Perhaps I should start voting, and write-in myself.

but I was kinda looking for answers more specific than “because I agree with _____'s policies”.

That’s fine, but could you give a sample policy or two that really hits home with you?

Again, many thanks to all who choose to share. I think we will all be interested in the answers.


I voted for Harry Browne because the Libertarians are the only non-socialist party that opposes America’s insane war on marijuana. I’ve smoked dope for 25 years now and I think it should be legal.

I also agree with the Libertarians’ call for a tax cut – I think our government, both the military and the social service agencies, are much too bloated. I also think that neither God nor the U.S. Constitution gives this country a mandate to meddle in the affairs of other countries as much as we do. I tend to agree with Thomas Jefferson and Henry David Thoreau that “the government that governs best governs least.”

I voted for several other Libertarian candidates for state and national offices, including U.S. Representative for Indiana’s Eighth District, for much the same reason.

I voted for David McIntosh (Republican) for governor of Indiana because I wanted to see if he could keep his campaign promise to slash property taxes by 25 percent.

I voted for U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar (R.-Indianapolis) for several reasons. His opponent, David Johnson, had views that weren’t that different from Lugar’s on several issues. I listened to a radio interview in which Johnson attacked the Republicans’ proposal to privatize at least part of Social Security (this may not be the right approach, but I admire the GOP for trying to take action about something that’s going to be a major problem within a very short time, and I am weary to death of the Democrats scaring old people just to get a few votes) and in which Johnson defended the Indianapolis Police Department’s establishment of road blocks to randomly search motorists for drugs. Thank God the Supremes shot down this nonsense; not only is it a violation of civil rights but Indy’s road system is too screwed for this kind of interference with traffic. Johnson really pissed me off with his remarks, and I figured there was not going to be much difference between Lugar and Johnson on most issues. I came to the conclusion that Lugar would be the best bet because he has many good ideas on foreign policy. I admire his work in trying to do something about Russian’s nukes and regret he did not win the Nobel Peace Prize.

On the local level I voted mostly for Democrats. I thought one Democratic commissioner is a good guy who tried to do good for my county (unfortuneately he lost), and I voted agains the Republican SOB who ran for county surveyor because he once tried to cheat me in a business deal (fortuneately that bastard went down in flames). I voted against the incumbents on the county council because I think they are a bunch of idiots. The reasons would require a 5,000-word post to explain – and I’m sure Dopers are not interested in a detailed examination of one Indiana county’s politics – but I would have voted for just about any living creature if it went up against one of those cretins.

now…49 people have read it. Did 45 of you not vote? C’mon! You don’t have to write a dissertation…just something simple, like:

“I believe that Bush’s plan to give me some of my FICA to invest myself is a good one”

" I feel we shouldn’t make any radical changes because the economy is going so well overall, so I voted for Gore"

or something like that.


who wants to know

Looks like libertarians are the only ones with reasons.


I didn’t like Gore’s idea of cutting down the lenght of time that a drug’s patent last.

I don’t like Bush’s stance on gay marriage. His numerous non-stances also put me off.

Nadar has absolutely no clue what’s going on in the middle east.

As for Brwon, I agree with ending the war on drugs. I simply don’t want to pay for it anymore, both in terms of money and liberties.

There, a policy a piece. Now back to doing work (god damned finals).

I voted for Nader because he best represented my point of view on issues such as civil liberties, campaign finance reform, environmental protection, and mitigating economic inequality and the extreme power of corporations. I found that listening to Nader, I heard more things that made me say “right on” in 10 minutes than I heard from the other two candidates in the whole debates.

Admittedly, I also voted for him because I lived in New York State and we have the electoral college system. If I had lived in a swing state, I would have voted for Gore, because while I sympathized with Nader’s argument that there was very little difference between Bush and Gore on a number of issues, in the end I still think what differences do exist are very, very real. Gore might not really take us in the right direction…But, for the most part, he won’t take us in the wrong direction either.

I voted for the NDP -well, I pretty much had to, since I was their candidate. But I chose that because -

What? Oh.

Well, there’s more to the world than just Americans, you know.

Really? I always thought America was a island in a huge multicolored sea.

I think the diffrence is matt, we know, its just we don’t care.:slight_smile:

I hold primarily conservative/Republican beliefs, and I don’t like AL Gore. That’s why my vote went the way it did.

I’m not fiercely tied to my Republican beliefs. I’d vote for a good Democrat over a bad Republican if that was the choice. I always admired Jimmy Carter, and I hope Al Gore is so discredited over this election that he doesn’t come back in '04.

I had the privilege of talking one on one with Bill Bradley for half an hour in 1985 and think he’s probably the best man in politics today. I’d love to see him in '04. The man is honest, intelligent, reasonable, and capable of seeing both sides of most issues.

I couldn’t vote this round (I’m not that upset though). I would have voted for Bush. I’m not a republican (I tend to be conservative, but I plan to register as an independent). I wouldn’t have any qualms about voting for a good Democrat. However, in this election I don’t believe there were any good candidates.

I don’t agree with the Libertarian viewpoint at all (Granted, I don’t know as much as I should before saying this, which is why I try not to bash them. However, from my conversations with a libertarian, I found myself not liking how he described the libertarian platform).

I felt Nader had a decent grasp on domestic issues (Well, decent in a liberal way), but I also felt he didn’t have a clue about any kind of foreign policy, and I tend to disagree with a lot of liberal ideas.

I think Gore is an idiot. He comes off as an abrasive, “I’m better than thou” type person. I don’t see him as a person, more of a robot that recites his party platform. I think he knows a lot about politics, knows how to work things in the political system, but I don’t think he knows how things work in the real world. I also tend to disagree with Democratic proposals in general. Even though Gore is conservative for a Democrat, I don’t like his tax policies and his plans for allocating funds. Gore claims to have more experience in Gov’t, but think about it…how much has he actually done? Not much.

If I could have voted this year, I most likely would have voted for Bush. I don’t think he’s a great politician. I don’t say he’s the smartest person in the world. However, I don’t see him as the dummy Democrats make him out to be (Most people who claim this who I’ve talked to say “I’ve heard him talk”). I agree with a lot of Republican viewpoints. I disagree with him on abortion, for example, but I agree with him on across-the-board tax cuts. He’s had an effective governorship of Texas (Yeah yeah, I’ve heard the arguments “But they kill more people on death row, and they have the worst education”…well, you’re supposed to kill people on death row, and the public education is better now than when Bush started his governorship), and I believe he’ll be a decent president, although not the best we could’ve had. (I think McCain would have been better).

Any examples you’d care to share?



What do you ** care about ** that affects your vote?


What I care about:

  1. My perception of the trustworthiness of the person I am voting for (will he/she do what they said they would.) When a crisis comes along, a man of integrity is paramount, so that the whole country can be united regardless of their individual politics.

  2. Someone who is antibureacracy and understands that everything can’t be simply legislated.

  3. Someone who holds true traditionally conservative beliefs, which I’ll start a thread on one of these days.

I also voted for Harry Browne. Despite the fact that Harry can be a bit…well, dull…he’s also the only one that is preaching the good fight. Perhaps the LP will nominate a more passionate and charismatic candidate in 2004 that will actually catch some attention! Everyone said that as a libertarian, that I shouldn’t waste my vote and that I should vote for Bush. Well, I didn’t and I’m proud I didn’t. I’m glad to be outside this mess and to have said I won’t stand for either of these idiots!

As for what I care about in my vote, it’s the freedom to live my life as I see fit (and I understand that implicitly that means so long as I don’t infringe another’s freedoms). Neither of those morons provided that option, so I voted for the only party out to provide freedom and liberty, the Libertarians!

Tygr, keep up the good fight…we’ll win someday and you’ll have all the money you keep. And just remember…people are deceived en masse but enlightened one at a time.

In order of importance:

  1. My ass
  2. My money
  3. The planet
  4. Furthering the political liberation and spiritual advancement of all peoples.
  5. Tipper Gore is hot! Betcha Al don’t go trolling for interns! (OK, she’s kinda screwed up about rock and roll…Peyote and I can fix that…)

Monster, I assume you mean you are unable to vote becuase you haven’t reached your majority. As soon as you are 21, vote immediatly! It’s probably the last time in your life that you’ll ever be sure of anything. And it don’t last long. When I was 16 I worked for Goldwater. And what a long, strange trip it’s been. Oh, and avoid exotic chemicals. If you can’t get there with a doobie and a couple of beers, don’t go.

Oh, almost forgot

  1. Stoidela said so. Yes, Mistress. I will obey.

Oooo…you switch! That makes it even more fun…