Why do babies make that face when you blow at them?

Silly question of the day: If you’ve ever blown into an infants face, you know what I’m talking about. They look startled and stick their tongues out. Every single time. My husband was sure that I was doing my babies damage when I’d do it and laugh, so I stopped. . . doing it in front of him.

Now I’m wondering if there is a reason why you shouldn’t blow in babies’ faces and why they react that way.

Mine just squints her face and puts her little fists up, like when the dog licks her ear.

I’m not a parent but every baby I’ve run across is pretty good at letting you know, in one way or another, when something is ticking him off.

Sticking her tongue out at you probably means she hasn’t learned yet how to blow right back in your face

I don’t understand the question. Wouldn’t you get annoyed if I blew into your face?

Yeah, they do it because it pisses them off. Ok, it only pisses them off a little bit, because being babies they haven’t learned that they should expect anything. Once they get used to it, they will either start bitching about it one way or another, or just decide “Yeah, mom’s an asshole, I’m gonna ignore her.”