Why do celebrities or the wealthy sometimes visit prostitutes

You’d assume being famous or wealthy or both would give you access to an endless assortment of women. So why do athletes or actors still hire prostitutes? Why did Charlie Sheen or Hugh Grant hire prostitutes? Both are attractive, famous and wealthy, all major turn ons for women. You’d assume they could have sex anytime they wanted. Is it because they want to keep their sex lives private from their girlfriend/wife and nobody will believe a prostitute while a girlfriend on the side would sound plausible (I assume this was mostly Hugh Grants motivation). Is it because for them money isn’t an issue and the prostitute is a less baggage laden way to have sex? ie, they can get sex from groupies but getting it from a $100 prostitute is not going to have any strings attached the same way groupie sex may? I have heard of some women doing things like trying to get pregnant from a celebrity so they can get child support payments or claiming false rape charges in the hopes of an out of court settlement, and a prostitute would mostly help the person avoid all that.

I think you kinda answered your own question. In addition, these High Priced escourts won’t kiss and tell. Well, at least the vast majority anyways. Just look at Heidi Fleiss. She could of published her clientel list and embarrassed scores of actors/actresses. There’s probably a code of conduct that they have. All these things celebrities are more than happy to pay for. As for groupies, just look at Kobe and see what that can get ya.

That’s a question I wouldn’t mind hearing answered, as well.

Then again, I’ve never understood why anyone would patronize prostitutes… the idea of having sex with someone who has sex for a living, and has sex with anyone with a C-note, frankly kind of scares me. I mean, they’re fun to watch, but durned if I’d ever actually have sex with one.

Probably different motivations, or mixtures, at different times and for different people.

I think a lot of the time it might be a desire not to have to be ‘on.’ As in:

Gee, I’m horny, and I don’t have a girlfriend/wife right now (or maybe she’s unavailable for whatever reason.) Could just masturbate, but I’ve got plenty of money so I don’t have to settle for that. Go to a bar and find a groupie? Hmmm… Yes, I’m a famous movie star/comedian/socialite/whatever and I am sure I can get a girl in any bar, but I’m FAMOUS and I have to maintain that image, so I’d have to get dressed up and groomed and go there and be funny/charming/witty and put up with being fawned on by other star-struck patrons and maybe girls who don’t meet my standards and chat up the ones that do, and maybe ‘waste’ time because my first few choices actually aren’t easy lays, and then they may want to go to my place (and I’ll have to do that ‘show off the stars home’ thing) and then maybe she’ll be clingy and be hard to get rid of and maybe call me and she’ll tell everyone she meets all about it so I’d better perform well and not reveal any kinky twists… Or I can cruise down the boulevard and eye the women on offer until I see one I like. Ten seconds later she’s in my car, she’s got some place in mind to go (or park), and a few minutes later I’m satisfied, she’s got her money and I can head off to do whatever I please. No strings, no hassles, no social lying needed, just fast and easy ‘scratch the itch’ sex.

At the risk of sounding completely sexist…

I think the reason guys have sex with prostitutes is that, after we are done they leave! No strings, no cuddling, no small-talk…they just go away!

This temptation is just magnified by fame. There are times when you don’t want to be Mr. Rich-and-Famous…you just want to get laid.


On perview, StarvingButStrong said the same thing, and better. :smiley:

I’ve heard a lot of celebrities complain about how hard it is to have relationships or even just dates. They have to make sure the person is not after their money, or some looney. Plus, they aren’t allowed to go to the normal places where normal people hangout. It’s lonely at the top. :slight_smile:

That and it’s kind of naughty. Think of how much lip service (ahem) that doing coke in the motel room with the hooker gets in everything from songs to movies. If you’re wealthy and degenerate enough, why not?

Hotel room - $50.

Cheap hooker - $100.

Being able to get your rocks off, and get rid of her and not listen to any yapping - priceless.

I’m not justifying it, but there is a certain attraction.


A few years ago, I remember seeing a US Representative on the evening news saying that he was in favor of legalizing prostitution. No he was not caught in a compromising situation. He explained that he thought he never had the looks or the social skills to be able to have frequent sexual relations with a woman and so was willing to pay for it. Wow, the guy was honest. Even if he were caught with a prostitute he could say “so what? Didn’t you see the evening news last week?”

I was going to search for an actual site for that story but (no joking here), don’t you think an incredible number of stories would appear if you were looking for “Congressman” and “prostitute”? All right I’ll search for it but don’t expect miracles.

I agree with that too. Sex is a desired commodity, and should be traded as one. No different than any other desired commodity. Our anti-prostitution laws were based on a time when STDs were not treatable, condoms didn’t exist, and puritan values were more popular. The health and moral objections are not nearly as important in 2004.

Besides, if prostitution were legal i think it’d help improve male female relationships. When men can get sex anytime they want it from a more attractive woman who is better at it than a regular woman on the street they will not be as likely to view everyday women as sex objects.

In a review of that made-for-TV movie about Heidi Fleiss, I read a quote that sums it all up. Heidi Fleiss supposedly asks her madam why so many seemingly rich, successful and handsome men- men who, presumably, could get lots of women for free- were paying prostitutes to have sex with them. And the madam answers, “They’re NOT paying you to have sex with them. They’re paying you to leave.”

That is, men aren’t paying for just sex- they’re paying for sex without complications, relationships or long-term entanglements.

I think a lot of guys see all women as being whores. You have to pay one way or the other.

There’s the downtown whores. These are the streetwalkers, the outcall massagers, the escorts, the ones that swap favors for drugs or rent money. Low class, but at least the women, except the very stupid, cannot deny what they are. They’re strictly cash and carry. They shut up when you tell them to. And they leave when you tell them to.

Then there’s the uptown whores. These are the women that you meet at the charity events you attend, at your exclusive clubs, at a wine tasting, maybe even at church.

They never talk about money, or at least never ask for any up front. But they can tell the difference between a genuine Rolex and a knockoff at 50 paces. They have a highly developed sense of style. They know the Blue Book value of your wheels to within a hundred bucks and wouldn’t be caught dead riding in a Porsche over 2 years old. They have the phone numbers of boutiques on Rodeo Drive on speed dial. Their hairdressers have one name.

And they—and now I have to switch to the singular, because you picked her, or at least you think you did—she has long term financial goals that are directly connected to you. She gets you to believe that you are soul mates and are destined to be together. And everything is a fairy tale after the wedding until the first kid is born. But it’s too late by then. She’s got you by the short and curlies.

Suddenly, cracks appear in your perfect life. Now you’ll have to fork over for plastic surgery and implants and a new car. Your sex life is gone. But not hers—never been better. You’re paying for more gardeners then they had at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. If you had any cash left you’d buy stock in Neiman Marcus, cuz business is booming.

After months of screaming yourself hoarse the divorce is final and she got the kid, a house with maintenance, the condo in Newport Beach, a substantial pile of cash, and $7500 a month child support. Only a little more than 16 years to go. Plus you have to finish paying off her Testarossa.

So she and the baby move out and she leaves a mess for you to clean up. You find a file box where there are papers that show she got your credit report 2 months before you even met her. She also has reports on 25 other single guys at your club, and some of the married ones too. You weren’t even her first choice. Not even in the top ten.

And she’ll slap your face if you say she’s a whore. But you hire a PI to find out what’s going on and you discover she used to be a downtown whore, even got busted for solicitation. But that was in another state.

Now the downtown whores, contrary to what Hollywood would have you believe, are mostly butt ugly. They are 20 years older than their drug ravaged faces would indicate. They have sores. Some are missing their front teeth from where their pimp knocked them out. They have cigarette burns from their customers.

But they are affordable. And a whole lot more honest. And the lies they tell—of course they tell lies—are of the “Oh, it’s so big!” variety.

BTW—the uptown whore bit is based on real life. Just a bit of exaggration. There wasn’t any condo at Newport—it was Huntington. Didn’t happen to me because I’m lucky enough to be poor. It’s a jungle out there if you have anything at all that’s valuable.

To quote Charlie Sheen, ** “You don’t pay hookers to come over, you pay them to leave.”** Plus hookers are fun. It’s just a different vibe. (innuendo not intended).

Or possibly there’s a few women out there – just a few, mind – who are perfectly decent people just looking for someone to love and be loved by. Who aren’t looking for money.

Strange but true. :rolleyes:

Sorry if I’m dropping this on you, if you don’t really believe all women are like this, if you’re just using horrible dreadful psychosluts like the one you’ve described as an example. They’re what disgust and disappoint me about my gender, see.

What a sad world you must live in if you see all women as either crack-whores or golddiggers.

In any event, if the only thing a person has going on is their money, they should not be surprised if the only thing people want them for is their money.
Not like it’s my thing or anything, but if you go to places like Rio de Janero, Montreal, Amsterdam and parts of Eastern Europe, prostitution is either legal or tolerated. And from what I’ve seen, you can bang some really hot girls for not that much money.

Still, it does strike me as a little creepy. Even more so in Amsterdam where you have an entire business district dedicated to the industry, filled with tourists, college students, degenerates, bachelor parties and lonely businessmen, all mingling together. Call me a prude, but I like my whores and drugs the old fashioned way - in an alley in the back of a crackhouse.

Call me a prude, but I like my whores and drugs the old fashioned way - in an alley in the back of a crackhouse.
Yes, just the way Norman Rockwell would have painted it. :smiley: