Why do dogs have those cheek warts?

I’ve noticed all (most?) dogs have these warts on the side of each cheek and one under the chin. But what are they? Do they have a name? More importantly, what is their purpose? Just curious, because other mammals don’t seem to have them.

Just another in the long line of examples that there is nothing that hasn’t been covered here on the Dope. :slight_smile:

Hmm so… “sensing organ”? Could be a bit more elaborate but I shall accept this answer into my library of knowlegde :smiley:
I’m assuming then that it’s tactile thing and is more sensitive to touch than the area around it.

This site is indeed amazing.

Has a rep system ever been considered? I always hated the idea until I posted at a site that encouraged high positive and high negative reps. It turned out to be great fun.

Those bumps usually indicate the base of several vibrissae, found in many mammals.

Hey, thanks Colibri that was quite informative.
I had no idea that you aren’t supposed to touch those things. I’m going to have to apologize to my dog for not being more careful when petting those sensitive areas for the past 12 years. :smack: