Why do Europeans seem so ungrateful to the US

In a Game Room thread about Olympic sports, people are talking about how they’d like to change sports to make them more “European”, not recognizing that US culture is** the** dominant culture on Earth, and that it is becasue of our blood, sweat and $$ that Europeans countries are even around to have to worry about the issue. So Europe: show some gratitiude!

This is probably going to end up in the pit.

And or a banning and suspension.

Seriously…? I don’t know where to start here, but it doesn’t begin with gratitude so I’ll not bite.

At least maybe this means an end to the hijacking of the Game Room thread.

Yup. BTW, why is this a banabke offense?

You’re joking, right?

This will be fun.

Let me just pull up a chair…

This American would like to point out that she doesn’t agree with the OP at all, and hopes that if this does end up pitted the rest of the lovely multicultural world will remember that we’re a country with a whole spectrum of people, and pretty please avoid generalizing.

Not knowing the original thread, I have to ask: etv78, are you being serious here? I presume you’re talking about gratitude related to World War II. American involvement in the war was a big deal, but how does that translate to deference in regard to sports? Internationally, European views on sports are probably closer to the norm than U.S. views. And not to dismiss histroy, but the war ended almost 70 years ago and the U.S. did not win it by itself and certainly didn’t suffer the greatest losses, so maybe playing this card at this date and in this context is a little inappropriate?

I whole-heartedly agree. You forgot to add “saved their asses in WWI and WWII”, which is a standard part of the argument. And the Olympics are all European anyway. They didn’t even want us hillbillies in the damn thing to start with. If the Olympics were American we’d have the best pro athletes in the world competing in every event since the modern games started. And maybe we didn’t invent beer, but it wasn’t a real business until we got hold of it. And they talk funny too.

ETA: Marley, this is not an issue that can be answered with reason.

It’s not now. It’s what will grow from it. Someone–could be you, could be someone else–will be moved to ever escalating heights of rhetoric until they burst into flames and burn into ash.

I seem to remember something about France giving the colonies some help in The American Revolution.

From the “Worst Olympic sports” thread:

Please, please, please tell me I am being whooshed without making me read the whole thread to find out. This reads like a trifling but painfully stereotypical instance of ugly Americanism.

You sure he’s not talking about a sexual act there?

I doubt, OP, that you’re going to get anybody to answer your question, given the restraint we ask people to practice here in Good Old IMHO. So, I’m moving this thread to the toastier confines of the BBQ Pit.

When I read an OP like this, I realize how difficult it must be for special ed teachers to explain even the most basic concepts.

Ah. That explains this post. Made no sense to me - a bizarre response to what was obviously intended as a joke.

Edit: I say “obviously”, but I suppose I was the one who made the purported joke, so I don’t actually know for sure that it was obvious. I believe so.

I don’t usually go for that sort of thing, but this OP is begging for a “can’t tell if trolling or just stupid” image macro.