Why do hair salons have such stupid names? Know any? Do share.

There’s a Mane Attraction on the base naxt to my house. I saw another and it set me off. So I went to the phone book and looked up all the other stupid names in my area.

**A Cut Above
A New You
A Wild Hair
Attitude Adjustment
Beautiful Hair
Clip R Snip
Dolores Scissorhands
Hair It Is
Hair Today
Hair We Are
Hair’s the Place
Hair’s to You
Hair’s What’s New
Happy Beauty Salon
Just Wild About Hairy
Kutting Corners
Magic Scissors
New Beginnings
New Creations
New Image
New Trends
New Visions
Picture Perfect Kids
Pure Indulgence
Salon Ef-Fekts’
Sensitive Hair Design
Sharp Cuts
Shear Artistry
Shear Attitude
Shear Attraction
Shear Designs
Shear Elegance
Shear Experience
Shear Excellance
Shear Madness
Shear Magic
Shear Pleasure
Shear Power
Shear Pride
Shear Talent
Style Makers
Style Masters
Styles of Success
Super Snippers
Today’s Hair
Vision’s of Hair
Whiskers and Lashes

The funny thing is, say to yourself, “I work at Shear Magic!”. See What I mean?

What, no Curl Up 'N Dye??

Walking down the street the other day, my daughter starts to laugh. “Who would want to get their hair styled there?”

The name of the hairdresser was Medusa.

From the local phonebook:

Hair Attraction
Hair Daze
Hair Decore
Hair Dimensions
Hair Envy
Hair Everywhere
Hair Excitement (a huge chain)
Hair Extravaganza
The Hair Happening
Hair I am
Hair & Now
Hair Station
The Hair Place
Hair Sense of Six (huh?)
Hair Traxx
Hair’s my Heart

  • the more you type a word, the less like a real word it seems. Hair’s a silly word… *

I went once to a salon called The Hairport. Don’t tell anyone.

Around the corner from my office is a hair salon called “Scrupples.” That’s right, that’s how they chose to spell it. Written out in neon for the world to see.

I didn’t think “Tangles” was too appealing, but we’ve got one of those.

There’s one in the next town that I dig the name of: Big D’s Smoking Hair Salon.

My sister gets her hair cut at a place called the Guillotine. Pronounced Gill-o-teen. I have no idea why they choose to pronounce it this way - does it somehow make them sound snazzier, and I just don’t get it?

On the Simpsons one time they had a hair salon called Turn Your Head and Coiff!

Hair Apparent
The Last Tangle


The one my mother always goes to is called Head Hunters.

Then there was La Flamme. It was actually a very nice, very traditional barber shop (Mike Dukakis got his hair cut there, if that’s supposed to be a selling point), but the name provoked a good of Beavis & Butthead-style sniggering.


The Hairem

[sub]ba-dum chhhi[/sub]

There used to be one near where I grew up, called The Best Little Hairhouse in Texas. It might still be there for all I know… and we weren’t anywhere near Texas.

From the yellow pages -

Hair 2 B Different
Hair 2 DYE 4
Hat Trix
Mane Attraction
Mane Event
Scissor Paper and Stone Hair Studio
Shear Art
Split Ends
The Last Tangle

Only a few…

Hair-itage House
From HAIR to Toe
The New Hairlennium
Trophy Hair

A few from our local phone book, covering a group of small towns in the region

*Comb & Brush Boutique
*The Cutting Crew
*Dream Catchers
*Freestyle Hair Design
*The Glamour Cellar
*The Hair Affair
*Hair Artistry
*Hair Corral
*Hair Gallery
*Hair Masters
*Hair Tailors
*Hair Works
*The Shear Shoppe
*The Look
*Tropical Illusion
*United Hair Lines



**The Great Hair After **
In the words of John Cougar Mellancamp “I was born in a small town…”

Exactly what set of hair do they work on in this place?

The worst two I’ve ever seen (personally witnessed, not read out of the phone book):

Amazing Hair: “Your hair is…amazing!”

New York, New York, For Hair: I have no idea what this means. None.

My all time favorite was a salon in Chicago suburban North Riverside called “Illusion of Beauty”. I remeber passing it several times on Roosevelt Road, but I think they’ve changed their name or gone out of biz, cause I haven’t seen it in a while.

U.S. Hair Force :rolleyes:

OK, this one is in the mall near where I live. I’m not making this up.

Sweeney Todd

Honest. Whointhehell would go there??!!

Unless they were hungry…