Why do humans flock to the sun, and then shade themselves from it??

Why is it that on a sunny day most people endeavour to be out in the sun, but also seek to shade themselves from it???
Why is it that more than one question mark signifies bafflement, While a single question mark signifies a question?

How does mcdonalds make a tastier burger than me?

Why am I asking this question?

In the case of stewed prunes, are two not enough and four too many?

Why must the lone crazy person sit right next to me on the bus, even when there are countless seats available eslewhere?

Why does the sun shine?

Probably the same reason my ex-wife used to like to turn the AC down to 65 in the dead of summer then bundle herself up in a pile of blankets when she goes to bed. :rolleyes:

As for me, I’m not there for the sun. I’m just there for the lovely ladies that like to flock to the sun in their scantily clad swimsuits. :smiley:

Well Lobsang, you’d probably taste better with a dab of HP sauce. :smiley:
What are the people who sit at a left green arrow doing – their nails?

The sun is a mass of incandescent gas,
a gigantic nuclear furnace.
where hydrogen is built into helium,
at a temperature of millions of degrees.

What if they spelled “cat”, D-O-G?


Why do flies always know how to get into a room, but never know how to get out again?

Why do I only have insomnia 'til 3am on a weeknight?

Why does life get harder instead of easier? Shouldn’t it get easier, simply because we have less energy to deal with all its crap?

I recommend not actually flocking to the sun; the surface temperature is about six thousand degrees, unless you go there at night time, of course.

Why do I come home and find a panicked hummingbirg banging against the windows when all he had to do was turn left and fly right out the open patio door?

Can I get a droolglandectomy for my dog?

How does my dog fit a five pound tongue into a three pound mouth?

Or the corollary, why do people sit right near me in the empty movie theatre? Shoo! Go sit somewhere else.

Why does my cat lie on my chest and purr for a while every night, then all of a sudden, mid-purr, bolt out of the bedroom?

Why doesn’t my cat go bald, shedding all the fur that she sheds?