Why do I have to log on...

…every time I change forums.
This can’t be normal.
I just joined so maybe I’m wrong.

When you log in, check the “keep me logged in” box – otherwise you’re logged out in 10 or 15 minutes, something like that. I think it’s the time that’s kicking you out, not the forum change.

Nope I hit remember me every time.
I had to log again just to reply.

What browser and OS are you using? Have you tried any other browser? Does it happen with all your browsers? Set your browsers to accept cookies.


I dont know some of them fancy words. I am posting on a phone if that matters.

I guess your phone’s browser is causing this issue. Phone browsers don’t always allow you to make changes to settings, so I’m not sure if there’s anything that you can do to fix this, other than to use another device or computer to access the boards.

Try browsing in the same window, i.e. don’t open a link to a new forum in a new window. See if that helps.

None of the places I visit makes me log on everytime I switch forum.
Nice place you got here.
I may return.

That sound you hear is a collective bating of breath.

Log in while you are on the main menu page, before entering any threads, that should fix your problem.

If you visit the main menu, then enter a thread and log in to post there, then hit the back button, you can be sent back to the spot before you logged in.

Are phones capable of accepting cookies? Could that be the problem?

It shouldn’t be a problem that he’s posting from a cell phone. I used to post quite easily and stayed logged in with a Samsung phone running Opera Mini. And I currently use my iPhone and stay loggin in with no problems. I don’t know what phone model Beetle Juice is using, but he may have to go into his phone’s settings and allow cookies and whatnot.