Why do I like House?

OK I’m an ass. I admit that. During Cutthroat Island, I looked at the flag to see if it had St. Patrick’s cross (pre 1801). I don’t watch any of the L&O because my version is:
DA: Did you . . .
Perp: I want my lawyer
<episode ends>
I actually said that the scene from Alien:Resurrection where the general has the alien mouth go through his brain was BS because with his occipital lobe damaged, how could he have seen his own brain?

So why do I love House M.D.?

Well, let me come up with three or four wrong answers before a random encounter with an advertisement on the side of a city bus gives me the insight necessary to find the final correct answer.

I think it’s funny when the team does all kinds of testing and procedures on a patient, only to end up with a diagnosis that any reasonably bright third-year student could figure out.

You may be interested in the blog Polite Dissent. The blogger is a doctor who picks through every episode of House for mistakes, plausibility of the final diagnosis, and general outlandishness.

it has witty banter that doesn’t sound forced.

We all wish we could say exactly what we thought to our co-workers and clients, and get paid for it and never get fired because everyone recognizes our EXTREME BRILLIANCE.

I mean , right?

Thats why I like it. I think House’s best bud the Cancer specialist generally has the best lines and perfect delivery.

The thing that bugs me is House is so damn sure he’s got the answer that he’d kill a patient a dozen times over before he gets to the right solution. Its generally his team fighting him the whole time that keeps the darn patient safe from House till House makes the big save in the end :rolleyes:

I don’t know the right answer.

But I’m pretty sure it isn’t lupus.

Unless your a medical doctor I am going to have to ask for a cite.

Thanks for the laugh.

It’s never lupus.

How about an autoimmune disease?

Has to be sarcoidosis. Start him on broad-spectrum antibiotics. He’ll be fine by lunchtime.

But that could kill him!

Luckily, Masters already ratted you out to the mods.

Good work. Now we just wait for him to get better and–

Wait! His BP is falling! Get a crash cart in here!

We were wrong! I totally did not see that coming!

Hey, it’s still early in the thread. We won’t know the real answer until at least the fourth page.

The main reason I watch *House *is because I have a big ole crush on Hugh Laurie . . . and to a lesser degree, Peter Jacobson.


It took me 49 minutes, but I’ve got the answer.

But we destroyed the patient’s liver in the process, and after bombarding him with rdiation, he’s ineligible for a transplant. Now you have to tell him he’s dead.

I don’t have a crush on either one, being a dude, but I agree that Peter Jacobson is one of the best reasons to watch House. With his reactions and facial expressions, he is the Burton Guster of the medical drama.

Hard to believe he is the scion of the local newscaster most Chicagoans love to hate!

You keep watching because Olivia Wilde has been missing so long, you’re developing an unlikely attraction to Amber Tamblyn.

I could not find witty banter at the IMDB. Is she new?

I missed the last few episodes, so I’m catching up on Hulu now with “Remember This.”

Masters is just brilliant. I thought she would just be a clone of 13 or Cameron, but she’s like the anti-House.

She needs a little thigh cream, but otherwise she’s a nerdy hottie.