Why do many lefties wear their watches on their right wrist?

I’m nominally a leftie, (I’m bi-dextrous), and I wear my watch on my left wrist , like righties do. Are many lefties as seriously mono-dextrous as righties? I’m trying to think back on other lefties I know, and usually you don’t realize they’re lefties until you see them write something. It just seems like most lefties, at least of my acquaintance, have learned to do a lot of thing right-handed over the years out of necessity.
So, other lefties, tell me where you wear your watch, and why.

[mumbles something about Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book…]
Maybe for the same reason that us dextrous people wear it on our left wrist… it’s less likely to get damaged on the hand that is used less?

There’s nothing sinister about it…

Another leftie here. Yep, I wear my watch on my left wrist too, something I’ve done since I was a kid. I’ve tried switching but my left hand is hopeless at strapping on watches (and other things requiring nimble fingers).

I misunderstood!
Here i was thinking “Wow, I’m a lefty, and I always wore my watch on the right arm.”
Well, here I see you mean left handed not politically left.
Go figure.
vanilla right handed, but left thinking.

Haven’t worn a watch in years, but when I did it was always on the right wrist. The main reason was that if worn on the left wrist, it could get uncomfortable writing…

My mother is a lefty, and she wears her watch on her left wrist. She says she wears it there because it just feels wrong the other way. Now, because my mother is backwards, the entire family is skewed:

I’m right-handed and I wear my watch on my right wrist. It feels so weird on my left wrist! I’ve tried, but can’t stand it for more than half an hour before I have to switch back.

My sister (righty) prefers wearing her watch on the right, and only has one on her left wrist now because she can’t attach it with her left hand.

My bro switches back and forth and doesn’t really have a preference.

We’re just a crazy backwards family, we are!
Theory: maybe the normal population wears the watch on the non-dominant hand because the dominant hand is the one better capable of fastening/unfastening the watch buckle?

This rightie wears her watch on her right wrist, and her leftie mother wears hers on her left.

What this means is don’t assume somebody’s handedness from the wrist they have their watch on. It’d drive me crazy to wear mine on the left.

Lefty here, I wear my watch on my right wrist.
A good part of the reason might be that my vision in my left eye is 20/200, my right eye is 20/20.

Left-handed. My watch, when I wear one, is on the right wrist. It just feels wrong on the left. Every time I try to do it, I can only stand it for about 10 minutes. As to the utility of my right hand, I pretty much can do anything with either hand except for writing and drawing.

Left handed, right wrist. I’ve never really thought about why, though I guess that like green, I would find it difficult to strap a watch to my other wrist with my right hand. However, I now have one of those watches with an extending metal band, so that wouldn’t be a problem. It’s just force of habit, I guess.

Right handed, right wrist.

I have worn my watch on the left but it drives me nuts usually so I keep it on my right. This is also why I hate watches with a big face, it’s awkward to write with them.

I’m a leftie… and I have my watch on my left wrist.

I’m left-handed (and somewhat left-leaning, but not overytly so grin) and wear my watch on my right hand. Always have. I also wear my wedding ring on my right hand.

This is basically because I’m an illustrator, so I have a pen in my hand for a good 80% of my waking time (not sure how much of my sleep time nooge) and unnescessary doodads get in the way.

That said, I also do a LOT of things with my right hand. My guess being that a lot of left-handed people do lots of things right-handed simply because the bulk of the world forgets we exist and continue to design the planet for 100% right-handed use, forgetting that OTHER portion of the population.

I’m still bugging my company because they installed an auditorium full of right handed seats. It’s only been recently -with the arrival of a left-handed CEO- that anyone’s actually paid attention to my otherwise mindless complaints! (‘but don’t you realise… that’s um… not fair!’)

Left-handed for writing, right-handed for everything else (and I don’t mean ambi-dextrous–I cannot switch for any activity)…When I wear a watch, it’s on the right wrist. In elementary school I always put my Mickey Mouse watch on my left wrist and I don’t recall it being too uncomfortable, but then I started playing the viola and it would rattle against the neck of the instrument–correct me if I’m wrong, but I think even right-handed string musicians tend to do this (if they’re going to wear a watch at all when they’re playing). I gave up the viola a few years ago but now it seems downright unnatural even to think of wearing a watch on my left wrist.

FWIW my watches seem to be subject to a lot less damage now, but that could just be because I was, you know, in elementary school back when I used the other wrist.


I hate this. At my university almost all the auditoriums are without any left-handed desks, even on the left ends of rows. Drives me nuts, because it’s really hard to write on those teeny little things in the first place and almost impossible if they’re on the wrong side. (I find it’s much less of an issue with regular classroom desks, but some of my lefty friends complain about those as well.)

And don’t get me started on righties who sit in lefty seats when they actually are available.


Because it’s more comfortable than wearing it around my testicles.

I’m a leftie, and I wear my watch on my right wrist because it bugs me to rest my wrist on my watch as I’m writing. BUT I also don’t like to rest my wrist on my watch while I’m mousing, and I mouse right-handed, so now my watch mostly lies on my desk.

[continuing hijack] Actually, I’m glad this makes other lefties angry, maybe one day we can get this sort of thing repaired!

I often wonder how fast things would be ‘fixed’ if a left handed boss were to construct that auditorium with ALL the desks designed for left-handers. the righties would be up in arms so fast it be… um… really fast!

But seriously, I don’t like to say its discrimination because there’s much worse going on in the world with actual bloodshed and oppresion and suffering and we lefties really don’t suffer like we used to. BUT…it does irk me that we don’t count enough for -anything- to even be considered most of the time! It’s small things, but it’s so damn prevalent that people don’t even consider it discrimination! [/perpetuating hijack]

When I’m a mulit-millionaire I’m going to look through US patents for something super cool and terribly useful, and I’m going to fund that project for the patent holder. But we’re only going to make left-handed versions of whatever it is. Let’s see how righties like it! :cool:

As for watches, they go on the right wrist, because they’re annoying on the left writst while trying to write (rings too.) I suspect this is why a lot of righties wear their watches on their left wrists as well.

Another Lefty here.

I don’t wear watches anymore because my religion deems it evil, but when I did, it was always on the right hand.

I started out with watches on the left, but then i thought, “hey, with it on my write hand, i could write in class and look at the time simultaneously!”

and that’s what I did.

Oh, and I was joking about that religion thing. That’s just silly.