How do you wear your watch?

Just a pointless little poll. Please also indicate which hand is dominant.

Personally, i’m left-handed and used to wear my watch on my left hand, but i’ve started developing carpal tunnel in that hand. So now, when working, I wear a wrist brace on that hand and my watch on the right.

I no longer wear a watch, but when I wore one it was on my left wrist, and I’m right-handed. I also wore a watch for a while that clipped to my belt loop because I have a nickel allergy and my watchband always gave me a rash.

Now I just stay home and look at the clock :D.

I voted ‘right hand’ because that’s where I wear a watch when I can be bothered, which is becoming less and less frequent. I quite often just use the clock function on my mobile phone.

I’m right handed, if that matters, and wore my watch on my left wrist from the time I got my first watch for my eighth birthday until I was about 12 or 13. The girl who shared a desk with me in first form and I started wearing our watches on our right wrists, for no good reason that I can remember and I’ve just continued to do so.

I’ve worn a watch on my left hand since high school, just like my mom. It’s even the same style of watch she used to wear.

When I bother wearing a watch, it’s on my left hand, and I’m right handed. I usually just look at my cell phone or use a pocket watch to check the time.

When I wore one it was on my left, facing down. I am right-handed.

I am right-handed and wear watches on my left wrist. I love watches! I have about five.

OK, seven. :smiley:

I was told as a young’un that men wear watches on the non-dominant hand (although the first year or so I wore it on the dominant side). I’m right handed. That’s all there is to it, really.

Left handed. Watch, on right hand, face out.
When people notice, they actually seem to be vexed/confused…what, I’m breaking the BIG RULE? They look at me as if I had just asked to borrow their goat, and say “Your watch is on the wrong hand.”


I am left-handed, but I write with my right hand (per childhood training - though I can write effectively, albeit much more slowly, with my left if I concentrate), so I wear my watch on my left wrist.

I’m not sure why your “dominant hand” would dictate which wrist you wear a watch on; after all, one’s wedding ring is worn on the 4th finger of the left hand regardless of handiness, right? Though I’ve always had to put my watch in my pocket or something when playing sports that involve throwing as a result, throwing a baseball or frisbee while wearing a watch on my left hand feels strange.

What I find more odd that people who wear their watches on the right wrist are people who wear the watch on the inside, rather than the outside of the wrist, and then pronate the wrist upwards to see what time it is. I used to think it was to hide the watch face from casual view, which could give away how nice the watch is - like people who turn their rings around (putting the stone towards the palm) to avoid flashing bling for fear of getting mugged. But that was NYC subway wisdom back in the 1970s and 1980s, I have no idea why people would do this nowadays or otherwise.

Usually I wear it on my left wrist (and I’m right-handed), but sometimes my left wrist gets a little irritated, especially on hot days. On those occasions, I switch it to my right wrist.

I’ve heard of professors/grad students doing this (watch face inwards) to avoid smacking the watch face against a blackboard.

When I wore a watch I wore it face down so I could check the time while playing my guitar, and it just got to feel comfortable and “right” that way, to me. I doubt that is the reason others do it, though.

I wear my watch on my right hand, even though I’m right handed. My dad does it that way so that’s why I do too. I started wearing it around 12-13 like jabiru.

I don’t wear my watch that often anymore since I spend most of my time at work or at the gym. I don’t wear it at work because it is annoying when I use a mouse, and I don’t wear it at the gym because it would interfere with weight lifting.

When I do go elsewhere, tho - lookout! Analog time a-ho!

Right handed, wear it on my left wrist. It’s too loose, though, so it’s always facing down.

Not only do watches go on the non-dominant wrist, but wallets go in the dominant-side pocket. If you see someone with a watch on their right hand and a wallet in their left pocket, you can be 99% sure they’re left-handed. The other 1% are people trying to trick you.

“supinate”. Pronate to lie prone. Supine=on your spine.

Right-handed. Watch on my left. Usually face out, but for a while I was wearing it face in (because the reflection off the glass kept distracting me). If I’m on a long car trip, I’ll sometimes turn it face in.

Left-handed, whenever I wear a watch, it’s on my right hand.

I’m left handed. I wear my watch on the left wrist, facing out.

They do? Not mine anyway. As an experiment I swapped the other day, but it felt very awkward, so it didn’t take long until it was back on the other side again. On the other hand you might be talking about back pockets, in which case it would be true, while I’m thinking of front pockets.