Why do most women do this? *rant*

Fart when they pee. That is soooooooo gross!

end rant

Because we’re too polite to fart out in public and we must wait 'til we get to the bathroom?

[sub]Oh, wait…[/sub]


You meant to say “men” didn’t you?

Mind you, being a man I couldn’t give you an athorative opinion on whether women fart when they pee. :slight_smile:

This is a serious rant and belongs in the Pitt!:smiley:

blow dry, honey. Blow dry.

I want to know how you know this “fact”. Have you been hanging out in the ceiling of the ladies restroom again? :slight_smile:

Maybe Themiss00 is a girl who has been terrorised by women’s farts recently?

Okay, okay, let me get this straight … most women?

Well, I haven’t noticed my fiancee doing that.

But she does tend to blow her nose when she’s tinkling.

Amusingly, the combined sound is an uncanny mimickry of an automatic drip coffeemaker.

Because our plumbing is more on the inside-and the two do not get along.

Hmm would you rather they farted while in bed with you?

Oh, the ladybug does that, too. And they’re always SBDs.

Me: “Oh My GOD!” [hides head under pillow]
Her: [in tiny little voice] “sorry.”
Me: [muffled] “It’s OK, sweetie.”

And of course if I fart:

Me: [Riiiiiip!] “'scuse me.”
Her: “Eww. Gross! God, Rick, that’s awful! What did you eat? Don’t flap the covers! Oh!”
Me: “I said, excuse me!”
Her: “That doesn’t make it not stink!” [glare]

Every damn time, I swear.

And to make matters worse, early in our courtship, I told her that if ever we were in public, and one of us was responsible for a suspicious noise or odor, she could blame it on me.

Wrong thing to do. Wrong.