Listening to women going to the restroom

I few days ago, I had the opportunity of listening to women using the restroom. I was near some public restrooms that was built in a weird way. It seem that everything echoed and you could hear a pin drop.

I stood and stood. And became amused.

Their releases of urine just sounded so…gentle. Kind of like a weak faucet pouring water into a filling bathtub. Doesn’t sound like guys pissing at all, which sounds like a fucking garden hose spraying on and off into a pool.

I heard all kinds of juicy gossip. Apparently women talk while they pee! And they talk after they pee!

I didn’t hear any pooping though. Or maybe they do it super quietly? I noticed some women peed and then I heard…nothing. For like five minutes.

I did hear a couple of farts though. They didn’t sound like the kind you hear in men’s restrooms though. Some men just release them with no inhibition. But, in women’s restrooms you hear petite dainty little farties seeping out from soft tooshes.

It’s always a pleasure to get a peek inside a world that you previously had no exposure to.

You are a very odd person.

I was searching for the right words. You nailed it.

Is it possible to get negative posts on these threads? If we work real hard at it?

I don’t see this thread going anywhere but down the toilet.